The proper care of the skin of the face

The face of a woman is the most protected part of the body that is subject to external influences. That is why the skin of the face requires careful daily care. However, many women commit serious errors even in simple treatments. In this article we will talk about how to step-by-step for taking care of the skin of the face every day.

the right care for the face

How to determine the type of skin

Success for the face depends on what holistic and cosmetic uses. For the correct selection of data of funds, you need to determine your skin type. A total of 6:

  1. Dry skin. Signs: thin and delicate skin, skinny dermis after washing the face, the pores narrow, the tendency to premature ageing and early appearance of wrinkles.
  2. The oily skin. Signs: thick skin, dilated pores, shine, is subject to the formation of comedones and blackheads.
  3. Mixed skin. Characterized by signs and dry and oily skin type. For example, the cheeks are dry, and in the area T high branch of fat.
  4. The normal skin. Signs: natural, opaque color of the face, the pores small, the separation of the normal fat
  5. Sensitive skin. Signs: the tendency to the appearance of peeling and redness, hypersensitivity to any internal and external irritants.
  6. Discoloration of the skin. Indications: deep wrinkles, loss of elasticity and tone of the skin, oval face.

As you can see, every skin type is characterized by its features. Accordingly, it will be different order and care. Usually, on the packaging of any instrument with a note, to which skin type is suitable.

The proper care of the skin of the face

To take care of your skin, you must follow two main rules. These include:

1. The regularity. Basic care necessary for the conduct of the day – morning and evening. All the procedures take no more than 10-15 minutes.

2. The proper technique of application of funds. To apply you need to massage lines, that is, along the lines of least stretching of the dermis. Otherwise, each morning you just stretch the skin, because of something before wrinkles develop.

Remember the lines of massage is not difficult – nearly all the lines from the center of the face should be towards the periphery. In the area around the eyes, the instrument must apply from the outer corner towards the inside. On the anterior surface of the neck all the means that are applied from the bottom to the top, on the side – from top to bottom.

It is worth mentioning that the daily care must be constituted at least by a program "Minimum", otherwise it will be a little disconcerting. Minimum maintenance includes 3 compulsory stages:

  • cleaning:
  • toning of the skin;
  • hydration.

But to have more light and durable result, one should not forget the other stages of care. In more detail, and in the phases that we analyze below.

Step for skin care

In order to better protect the skin from negative influences of the environment, regular maintenance must be global. Little every day you wash, you must moisturize and nourish the skin. A approach will allow you to not only have an effect, but it and save it.


This is perhaps the most important phase. Because the day on the skin accumulates a lot of dust, dirt and other harmful substances. Here we add the and cosmetics – blush, foundation, concealer and so on a cocktail clog your pores, which leads to inflammation and the formation of pimples and blackheads.


Before washing your face, make-up and accumulated for the day of dirt to be removed by special means. This can be a cleansing milk, lotion or bought.

For direct cleansing, of course, you need to use the water. Better filtered. Soap enjoy it is not necessary, as is the negative impact on the water balance of the skin. Preference should be foam, milk or gel cleanser for the face. After the procedure, the skin needs to bathe with separate towel for the face. Is to get wet, and do not rub.


Instructions for the application of a scrub on the skin of the face next. The procedure is performed specifically chosen scrub 1-2 times a week. Perfectly exfoliates all the dead cells, makes the skin texture smooth and deep cleans the pores.

Scrub you should apply it on damp skin and massage in with light movements for 5-7 minutes. If the composition is dry, it is possible to a bit moisten the hands with water. Scrubs, not worth the effort of making the expression rosacea, severe irritation and inflammation of the skin.

There is a procedure that is called peeling. You can do it from the beautician, but not more than once a month. Its exfoliating action is similar to the scrub, but in more aggressive acts on the skin, although the effect is more pronounced.

Apply a mask

Complete range for skin care necessarily includes the use of face masks. It is possible to apply a purchase, but it is better to prepare home-made meals. They act so much more effectively thanks to its naturalness, will also have a cost, sometimes less.

Recipes for different masks — a wide variety. To distinguish purifying, nourishing, moisturizer, firming, whitening, anti-wrinkle, etc. you Need to only choose those recipes that are adapted to your skin type. The mask is also necessary to apply the massage lines. This should be done immediately after the cleansing or scrub. After these procedures, the pores and the nutrients of the masks will be able to penetrate the skin more easily.

The masks you can use every day. However, keep in mind that the same recipe can be applied 2 times per week.


Tonic — the most important part of care, which women often neglect. In the meantime, has a very important meaning – "closes" the pores, which is enlarged after the purification step. Toned to use: simply apply on a cotton ball tool and gently rub the skin for massage lines. It is possible to use, and tonic in the form of a spray: just spray on the face.

Buy only tonics natural base, of which there is no alcohol. Skin toning is possible and domestic installations – every time clean the skin with a cube of ice, which, cooked in a broth of aromatic herbs: sage, chamomile, thyme, nettle, etc. a Strong cooling normalizes the blood circulation, strengthens the blood vessels and is an excellent prevention of capillary lattice, and the appearance of small wrinkles.

The application of the cream

After toning necessarily need to put the cream to your skin type. For young skin it is preferable to use a light gel with moisturizing effect. But for more mature, perfect, full of cream, nourishes the skin and gives you the elasticity.

In the winter, in the morning he needs to apply a nourishing cream, and night moisturizer. In the summer it should be quite the opposite.

skin care facial

Before applying the cream, rub between the pads of the hand, to give their body temperature. In this way it is possible to improve its activities. Then apply the cream on face and neck, gently spread the massage lines. The excess of means of the blot with a cloth.

You need to remember:

  1. In the morning the cream should be applied half an hour before going out. And in the winter – and not for an hour.
  2. In the evening, the cream should be applied for an hour before going to bed. All because of the fact that your muscles are mobile and the cream is rapidly absorbed.

Care in other areas

It is worth to take into account the daily care of the neck, the lips and the skin around the eyes. This is also important, because in these areas the care is done in a different way.

Care for the neck

The neck skin is thinner and more delicate. She, more than the facial skin, it is prone to sagging, dryness and wrinkles. For the skin of the neck is necessary to take care in the same way, and for the care of the skin of the face: to clean the foam, clean the skin tonic, apply a mask and apply the cream. The same is true for and décolleté.

Some manufacturers produce special vehicles for the care of the neck. In his action, which practically is not different from the funds for treatments. Their advantage consists only in the fact that the clothes do not leave any trace.

For the care of the skin of the eyelids

The area around the eyes is different in sensitivity. On it very few sebaceous glands, so it is easy to stretch, therefore, necessarily need to know how to take care of the skin in this area.

Apply and remove the cosmetics with the eyelids gently, keeping the direction of least elongation of the dermis. Above the eye of the motion must be sent to the temporal side, and under the eye towards the nose.

The cleaning should only be conducted special lotions and gels. On the eyelids in any case, you can apply the cream for the face. We need a special moisturizer for the face, so he has more light consistency and absorbs quickly.

Care of the lips

The skin of the lips is always open and exposed to external stimuli (frost, sun, dry air). On it, in general, not of the sebaceous glands, thus has daily need of nutrition and hydration.

Use special tools for the care of the skin of the lips. They also need to apply in the morning and evening. Please note, for your lipstick, which contained ingredients moisturizers and emollients, ultraviolet filters, and vitamins.

When you "fill" the hand, the daily care of the skin does not take up much time. Your skin will positively respond to all the procedures. However, do not expect instant effect. Persistent changes will take place not earlier than a month. Only regular maintenance will reward you supple and smooth skin, which will keep your youth for many years.