Skin care facial at home

Beautiful, handsome, nice face, always attracted the attention of the other. And the first thing that we pay attention when you look at the person — the state of his skin. Stress, mood swings, extreme temperature changes, the chronic lack of sleep, bad habits reflect on this part of the body is not the best way.

skin care at home

They say that if a teenage girl has charming good looks, all they need to blame nature and genes. If the same girl at the age of 30 years has failed to change the situation for the better, most best with external data side, this says a lot about his laziness and lack of self-discipline. Without a doubt, genes have a great value. But to have a perfect skin even in the age of 50-60 years old, one of this factor is not sufficient. Very good and nice in the skin — live in daily self-care. And for this it is not necessary to spend exorbitant amounts of money and to attend regularly in beauty salons. Due to the care of the skin of the face, it is possible to provide in the house.

To learn how to create properly care for the face, is not worse than a professional, you first need to decide what type of skin you have with the nature.

What types of facial skin are there?

In his practice, beauticians are using the following classification:

  • the oily skin. Features: the tendency to inflammatory processes, enlarged pores, and a large permanent possibility of the occurrence of acne, excessive secretion of subcutaneous fat, shiny, glitter, grey, the color;
  • the dry skin of the face appears to be particularly interesting at a young age. But already after 25 years, the owner of a this type of skin, the full can feel all of her “charm”: a constant feeling of tightness after washing, the tendency to the appearance of peeling and irritation, and redness on the chin, the the first to first wrinkles;
  • normal type of skin of the face, in fact, is very rare. Features: the matte surface of the skin, lack of fat in the problem areas, the low probability of the occurrence of black spots and peeling.

In addition to this classification show more skin types, characterized by specific problems that require an individual approach: sensitive (increase of the reaction temperature changes, irritability, pruritus), discoloration (flaccid, with the abundance of wrinkles), the problem (a constant irritation and a tendency to the formation of black spots).
After you've decided on the type of skin, you need to understand for themselves the question, how to learn how to properly create and properly care for the skin on the face at home. Let's examine the phases of the nursing shift.

Skin care facial at home

Purification. As they are used to clean the skin of the face most of us? Properly, with the help of the current of warm water and soap. This is wrong. Every skin type needs an individual approach. The only aspect that corresponds to the parameters all the skin — wash need of fresh water, i.e. rain or melting. Why come into possession of this water is very hard (especially for urban residents), soften its quite simple: in the process of boiling, it is necessary to add borax, in the calculation 1 teaspoon of substance in 2 liters of water.

how to take care of the skin of the face

A good alternative to melt water for the owners of fat type of skin is the mineral water. Wash the owners of this type of skin needs no less than 3 times per day, with the help of foam. Clean the skin may be palm trees, while you are performing a gentle massage, or you can purchase a special brush for the face.

Normal skin is necessary to clean immediately after waking up and before going to sleep with the help of the gel facial cleanser and dry with the application of the cosmetic cream or milk. Hydration. The main cause of disturbances of the water balance of the skin — effect of adverse climatic conditions. For its recovery is not enough to wash most of the water, they still need to enjoy and moisturizers. For owners of dry skin is a cream with the addition of rice powder and aloe juice, fat — cosmetic containing zinc and sulfur, normal cream with the addition of decoctions of herbs. Moisturize the skin when you are out of the house, it is possible with the help of special wipes or thermal water.

The final step in the care of the face— power. The main helpers at this stage — creams vision, actions, and masks. In this case, equally as effective as buying cosmetics and prepared to create a mask for the facial skin at home. Personally prepare the simple form, for this you can use any of the selected fruits and vegetables (regardless of the type of skin) and some of the products that are on the table and in the fridge every housewife. For example, a mixture of pulp of banana hydrates the skin and mask of potatoes will help you get rid of peeling, redness, and minor discomfort on her face. Apply the mask should be very gently, with the tip of your fingers to massage lines, not forgetting that it requires a constant attention to the skin of the neck and décolleté. It is best to perform this procedure in a quiet environment, completely get out from the daily problems. You can activate preferred, relaxing music, time forgetting the current concerns and actions.

Even at home by yourself, you can prepare simple, do not require a huge cost, but at the same time universal cosmetics “magic wand”, which help to take care of any type of skin. These include cucumbers, tonic, strawberry scrub, cleansing gel for the face, cereal-based, decoctions of various herbs.

To keep the skin in good condition, it is necessary to fill correctly your daily diet. Likes products with a minimum of heat treatment, prefer freshly cooked food. Prepared dishes in a bain-marie, cook without fat or olive oil, bake in oven, eat fruits and vegetables of the season. Remember that the strict diet lead to the loss of skin tone, dehydration and formation of wrinkles.

For a beautiful complexion just in need of a good sleep. Try to relax at every opportunity, even during the day. If for some reason the night was without sleep, in order to bring the face into the correct shape, in the morning to wipe the face a cube of ice or a decoction of herbs. Spend as much free time outdoors, constantly ventilate the room where you work or relax, and before going to bed.

face masks

Remember that the care of the skin of the face requires a good deal of self-discipline. Love yourself, do not forget to find the positive in every situation, the smile, and the desired effect from the procedures do not make you wait long.