Care of your skin after 30 years: tips beautician

The aging is determined by genetic factors, with which it is useless to discuss. However, contrary to popular belief, active ageing, due to genes and natural factors, begins not thirty, and not forty years. At this age the skin is still very important to know how to help her.

face care after 30

What happens with the skin

After thirty years in our body slows down the metabolic processes. This occurs at different levels, including in the skin. In its structure we observe multiple changes.

  • Reducing the synthesis of lipids skin, which with age, the epidermis becomes more dry.
  • The deterioration of the microcirculation in the tissues. Reduced enrichment of the skin with nutrients from within.
  • Photo-aging. Response to exposure to the sun, causes the development of wrinkles, the formation of age spots;
  • Thinning of adipose tissue, supports the usual form of the face. For this reason, the skin starts to "give in".
  • Thickening of the epidermis. The cells of the outermost layer layered on top of one another, their self-exfoliate impossible. Because of this, the face, the color changes to olive, to feel the rough skin, a neglected aspect.

Despite these processes, talk about the approaching old age it is still early. "The skin — the body is hormone-dependent and — says beautician Olga Femo. — In thirty years, the body produces a sufficient amount of hormones, and then panic at the sight of the first wrinkle prematurely".

Probable problems

Beauticians do not like to give in support of the recommendations for the care of the skin after thirty years. So beautician Natalia Nikolaev, the author of the book "Beauty without the operations of: 10 markers of youth", advised to visit a specialist at least 1-2 times a year.

To make this is necessary because the "behavior" of the skin in this age is very individual. And only with the direct examination beautician can give you advice about how should be the face care after 30 years in the house.

That finesse technical choices? There are a number of reasons.

  • The usual care. Some women are accustomed to caring properly for them, starting from adolescence. Their skin usually look good, and no major corrections of cure is not necessary. Someone starts to panic, to discover the first wrinkles, and it is not the first time, includes a casual care moisturizing cream, a mask. The results of the work upon himself, surely, will be visible and in the second case. But keep the youthfulness of the skin regularly, is much more efficient and easier than trying to get it back.
  • The type of skin. You have owners of dry skin the skin becomes more dry, which leads to the formation of wrinkles in the eye area. When fat type activity of the sebaceous glands can and do not to decrease. Women continue to disrupt the obstruction of the pores, the periodic eruptions of the skin, the formation of acne and shine. To solve these problems it is necessary to multi-function cosmetics, which have anti-aging effect.
  • Type of ageing. There are six types of aging are the most common among which are tired, strain and mixed. The first is specific to the functioning of the epidermis with a thin fiber fat. The second is made up of women with normal or oily skin, normal, physical. The deformation is typical for women with a robust body, full face. Mixed combines the features of all previous types. The choice of the technique to care for the face should be determined and the type of aging also to give the best result of home and salon technology.

A combined approach to the care of the person, taking into account all the features: skin type, type of aging, care of the basis, — allows to smooth the age-related changes, delay aging.

The main recommendations

The biggest error women, the first age-related changes, to include the care of facial skin "over 30," the funds that use is still too soon. The fact is that, in general, the metabolic processes, the skin is still able to regenerate, to recover its property, to produce the necessary substances.

Cleaning and hydration

The main "pillars" on which is based the beauty and the outside of the skin. Comply with this sequence, using tools of type of your epidermis, should every day, morning and evening.

tips for face care
  • Oily, problematic skin. Use mousse or salicylic acid, panthenol. These components are well melted skin secret, and normalize the separation of the fat, support the microflora and healthy, which prevents the development of inflammation.
  • Dry skin. Use the cleansing milk, which must be applied on the face, massage gently and rinse with water. Do not attempt to replace the special milk of water. Most of these compositions, despite the assurances of the manufacturers, leaving on the skin. The substances that further dry the skin. Any detergent for cleaning it is necessary to wash with water.
  • The normal skin. Choose any cleanser that you like and fits. Pay attention to the composition. In this mode, must not be aggressive SURFACTANTS, including sodium lauryl sulfate sodium laureth sulfate sodium. These substances dry the skin and drain. Use tools with soft, dropped in composition to the base, coco-betaine, betaine, glycolic acid, lactic acid.

For the tonic choose compositions based on the type of skin. Tonic completes the purification, which dissolves residues of skin secret and cosmetics, that have not addressed the facial cleanser. It can also contain panthenol, allantoin, which is relevant to the problem of the epidermis. As a tonic it is possible to use thermal and alkaline mineral water.

If you are satisfied with the appearance and condition of the skin, continue to use day and night cream, which is included in the casual care of before. If you observe signs of age-related changes, choose a cream with a makeup.

  • Dryness, dehydration of the epidermis, the formation of small retina wrinkles. Include in your care nourishing cream with peptides. Such compositions well moisturize the skin, to nourish, to eliminate the feeling of tightness, flaking. The peptides — substances with a muscle relaxant effect. Relax the facial muscles, because of this, the wrinkles disappear. Apply the cream with peptides can be full-face, with wrinkles or locally, on the ground of the formation of wrinkles, for example, on the forehead and around the eyes. Use of these compounds requires a long period — over the course of two-three months. In the course of the year spend two-three courses.
  • The sagging skin, the formation of a network of capillaries. Characteristic for the deformation type of ageing, in which the signs of ptosis gravitational manifest themselves particularly brilliant. Beauticians recommend to include in the care of the skin of the face in 30 years of funds, strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Improve the blood circulation in the tissues and have a lifting-action, pulling the contours of the face. The active components of these funds — the marine algae, extracts of ginkgo biloba, arnica, horse chestnut.
  • Greasiness, clogging the pores, the first wrinkles. More difficult to find the home care for mixed skin after 30 years. Because the areas of wrinkles, it is necessary to moisturize and nourish, but the epidermis is responsible for the active use of saturated funds outbreaks of acne and inflammation. Choose products based on vitamin a (retinol). This component stabilizes the activity of sebaceous glands and has anti-aging properties.

The compositions of day and night cream will vary. In the afternoon we are in need of protection from uv rays and free radicals, therefore, in the context of a day cream should contain SPF-filters and vitamin c (the active anti-aging component). At night, the skin will regenerate. It is time to use the retinol, peptides, and other components for the resolution of problems of the aging.

Extra care

As before, 1-2 times a week, you need to make the procedure more high-intensity skin care at home. They include a deep cleansing, hydration, nutrition.

  • Peeling. Designed for removing the surface of the stratum corneum cells, which gives the face a gray color, the outside messy. Runs with the help of a scrub or a peeling based on fruit acids (bromelain, papain). Apply after cleansing, peeling cream or milk. Massage, rinse with water. Do not use scrubs with natural abrasive particles. They scratch the skin, the epidermis, to violate its structure. Choose the tools with soft granules that are the basis of fruit acids. These latter are particularly recommended for oily, mixed and sensitive skin. Dissolve the cornea cells without abrasive action, in parallel, normalizing the sebaceous glands and exerting a slight whitening effect.
  • Deep hydration. You need to skin of any type, not just cleaning. Moisturize especially important in bold and problematic skin, as well as the lack of humidity with the regular use of tools for the dryness causes a reaction to the high intensity of the production of the skin of secret fat. For deep hydration, use a mask for the face, after 30 years, based on hyaluronic acid, urea, alginates (seaweed), amino acids, polysaccharides. Apply 1-2 times a week after exfoliating.
  • The struggle with fat stains of pigment. Women with oily skin is to meet with a mask with AHA acids. In the context of the tools for the care of the home contains up to seven percent of the natural acids. Dissolve the outer layer of the epidermis, destroying the accumulations of melanin, which we call spots or freckles. They also reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands, promote the regeneration function of the skin. Include in your treatment of these funds is necessary in the fall and winter, when the sun is not too aggressive. Apply a mask two times a year.
  • The deep power. You can use the face masks in 30 years with the components. But the most effective of the serum, the composition of which should be aimed at solution of a specific problem. For example, the fight with wrinkles or excessive dryness of the skin. Of masks the amount of active ingredients is usually 2-10%, while the serum contains up to 40% of a component in a form easily available. Then the serum more expensive masks, creams, but apply locally to the problem area and use the course. Apply the serum under the cream in the usual care or under the form of more intense. Components covers the funds serve as a guide for the serum into the skin deep.

In the winter, the epidermis becomes more dry, then intense hydration, you can make two or three times a week. In the summer, on the contrary, the fat content increases. It is recommended that you up to three times a week to use masks with AHA acids or anti-inflammatory compounds.

The cockpit of the procedure

The skin of the face, after 30 years, perfectly perceives anti-age passenger compartment of the procedure. The advantage of this is that with a minimum of cost you will be able to increase their body reserves and not to resort in future to the expensive "heavy" procedures. Reviews of the staff, the most effective in beauty care procedures, improving the trophism of the tissues, the circulation in them.

  • The massage. Hand or hardware. The massage is not can anti-aging care with a certain type of ageing, as well as strengthens tissue, reduces the intensity of their omissions. The massage acts on the lymphatic system, blood vessels, enriches the epidermis from the inside. With the full assistance in the home is sufficient one-two massage courses in a year, to maintain the freshness and youthfulness of the face along. You can take a course of three-five procedures, after that keep in direct visits to the beautician once a month.
  • Therapy microcurrent. A procedure in which the body acts weak current pulse. Improve the metabolic processes, rejuvenate and heals the blood vessels and tissues at the cellular level. Increase the intensity of the outflow of lymph, which leads to the resolution of edema, relax muscles, and reduce the severity of wrinkles and lines. In beauty care are used professional equipment for microcurrent therapy. There are similar designed for home use. The effectiveness of the latter below. Apply only in the case in which it uses professional cosmetics "under micro-currents" and are willing to wait for the result for a long time. He will manifest himself with the regular use of home use of the device with the current in a matter of two-three months. The salon treatments provide far more pronounced and a significant effect faster.
  • Peeling. Difference home peeling from the lounge — in the concentration of active acids. In skin care after 30 years it is recommended that you use a peeling surface, the concentration of acid in which up to twenty-five percent. These formations create a burn, the surface of the tissues, which manifests itself to the external redness. After 2-3 days with the face, sloughed off cells surface, when the epidermis is up-to-date on a deeper level. Peeling spear rejuvenation of the structure: reinforced the formation of collagen, of elastin. Run enough 2-3 times a year, for your face looking young and well cared for.

Trying to skin with hyaluronic acid, botox and other funds for the rejuvenation, you will reach the temporary of a positive result. But in the long run, for example, after five years, the aging is manifested more intensely. Face frequently becomes swollen, you lose the individual facial expressions.