For the care of the skin after cleaning the face: masks recipes, tips and rules

The procedure for the cleaning of the face is used for a long time. You must not think that it has been exclusively designed for fighting with the juvenile eels. Problems with the skin can be expected in any period of adaptation of the organism, especially associated with explosions hormonal or diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract. At risk – pregnant women, women on the threshold of menopause. Cleaning of the face may be assigned to them after a medical examination.

skin care after cleaning

Not just once or twice to visit a beautician, to forget about the problem. For the skin of the face after cleaning the face requires special care – especially with regard to mechanical procedures.

Let's see how you need to take care of themselves after a visit to the beauty centre.

That is a cleaning service

To know how to organize the care after cleaning face, you need to imagine the essence of the procedure.

It is divided into 2 types:

  • Mechanical.
  • Pursued with the help of ULTRASOUND.

The mechanics can be self-procedure, and may precede the ultrasound. In this way the beautician will reorder the good and strong eruptions on the skin.

During the cleaning before performing the cleaning treatment and disinfecting chemicals, then beautician razmarivaet the skin to ensure the best results. If the skin is very sensitive, is this rosacea, steaming does not use a cooling effect.

Subsequently, the physician, using the appropriate tools (this can be a tablespoon of One or the needle of Vidal), remove all the pimples, after that handles the skin moisturizing and other means. One of the common treatments of skin care after cleansing your face – using a special device. The electrical impulses help speed up the lymph flow and the flow of blood, causing the skin quickly recovers.

Procedure ultrasonic cleaning of the face takes place with the aid of ultrasound, and is reminiscent of the classic peeling effect. Before use, apply the gel, and after beautician may impose a special calming mask.

Face care after cleaning facial

For the care of the skin after cleansing is necessary. The reason is simple: after cleaning the face the upper layer of the skin is a little bit inflamed, and then, open access to infections. The risk of entry of infection in the salon is a minimum, if the specialist enjoys the disposable or carefully finished tools. To be sure of this, sign up to the procedure only in the lounge, with a good reputation and a lot of positive feedback.

Care after facial cleaning in the cabin, when the customer returns home, he is reduced to a set of simple rules, the main of which – a careful hygiene.

The first time after a visit by the beautician, you may experience redness and swelling. For the first two days is normal. In this period, it is necessary to wash with plain water, clean the face with chamomile or any other herb with anti-inflammatory effect.

One of the consequences of the procedures – increase in sebaceous secretions. Don't be afraid: the reason lies in the fact that the beautician removed the tube, obstructing the free outflow of the sebaceous glands. Then in the early days, sometimes customers notice an increased oiliness of the skin. The excess detachable, it is necessary to clean by rubbing the face soaked in decoctions of herbs cotton swab.

In the process as possible skin care use the tonic without alcohol.

cleaning procedure

If the second or the third day, you notice flaking, there is no need to worry, this will pass soon. Clean the face – and the no action does not apply.

Sometimes there are strong precipitation of new pimples after cleaning. In this case, the care of the face after cleaning at the beautician includes the cleaning by the time the gel in the problem areas. The skin is cleans, so I have to wait a bit. Soon the processes of sebaceous secretions should be back to normal.

First day-the two do not want to use cosmetics. Also only to dye eyelashes is not necessary: any irritation now nothing.

What undesirable? The list is not so great:

  • Not a sauna, and a steam room.
  • Do not go to the solarium.
  • Do not take the sun.

Competent face care includes use of sunscreen. If out in the sun it is better to take a cream with factor 30. If covered – ideal and 10.

Care after cleaning facial ultrasonic

In the case where it is applied only to the ultrasound procedure, care of face, after the bondage of cleaning will be much easier. A beautician can recommend to enjoy a few days of cream. Necessarily the use of quality sunscreen on sunny days.

Care after face cleansing in this case consists in the abolition of the sessions in the swimming pool, the solarium, a visit to the beach.

General recommendations

Take care of your face after the cleaning, it is possible with the application of masks in the home. In the early days it is better not to do, but a little more late as possible – so the recovery of the epidermis will be more fast.

What masks do you accept? In the first place, those that the inflammation and the swelling. These include a mask based on:

  • Clay.
  • A raw potato.
  • Oats.
  • The honey.

Homemade mask is prepared and once used, you can keep. Particularly effective are those in the preparation of which involved clay mask, it is not so important, as the clay takes: blue, green, black or pink. For the oily skin often recommend to use the blue and black, but also white, but all subtypes equally able to manage well with skin rashes, acne, irritation. So it's more a matter of taste.

In such cases the healing process of the skin can last? In the first place, is the presence of infectious diseases and injuries, fungal of the skin, and also the aggravation of the herpes virus while cleaning. In the second place, the non-respect of the rules for the care of the skin. The penetration of pathogens in the wound and can become a reason of gain of inflammation. In this case, it is recommended that you apply the powder "Baneotsin". They have sprinkled in problem areas every other day until disappearance of the swelling and the pain.

The procedure for the cleaning of the face rarely causes complications. If it has been done correctly, if a beautician – a specialist high-end, and the customer is strictly performed all of the tips, then after a few days the result will not wait. The skin becomes taut, smooth, smooth. Enlarged pores, pull together, on the face will not be evident comedones and of the pipes.

To get a perfect result may take not one, but 2-3 treatments. If the problem again and again back, if the effect is of short duration, it is worth to pass an examination. Perhaps, many rashes are the result of hidden losses of any disease. In this case, the visits to the beautician is not enough: you need a little patience, and make the treatment of the underlying disease.

This does not apply to pregnant women: they have skin rashes, they often spend themselves completely after the birth. Then, perhaps, not worth the cleaning of the face, although contraindications for she is not there. After the birth of the child the hormonal balance in the body will recover, and the face becomes clean.

skin care

Face cleaning – an effective procedure in the absence of serious problems with the internal organs and systems. And faster to get back to normal, follow the recommendations of the beautician, facial treatments. Soon you will notice beneficial in direct.