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Thirty years of the frontier, many women care enough about difficult. Even if the young man, who seems to be in progress, already feel the first signs of withering. Someone has the hard skin, "good" up to the last, while maintaining the freshness and elasticity of the skin. However, most of the fairer sex begins to suffer from age-related changes and complex. For all was not so disastrous in need of a proper face care after 30, that is able to afford to provide every young woman looks after her appearance. For this you need to deal with responsibly, and then in 40 years do not look 50.

face care after 30

Changes in the skin after 30 years

We must understand that the age changes that occur in the skin after 30 years, appear all different. In spite of this, are unavoidable. Someone will have to deal with them already at 32, and some of them are only 40 years old. In one way or another, but their appearance can be delayed, if you can make a proper and regular care of your face after 30 years, which may include both the living of methodologies and procedures, and the application of different tools in the house. But know your enemy, then all of the changes that occur at this age with the skin, must be known.

  • The synthesis of the collagen and elastic fibers to the cells gradually slows down, but they are the ones that form the connective tissue, are responsible for its recovery, maintain the turgor (elasticity) of the skin.
  • The balance begins to be violated: the precious moisture around large quantities of evaporates of the cells. Start slow, but correct the dehydration and the dehydration of the epidermis.
  • The processes of regeneration of damaged cells are slowed down. Result, the skin loses its tone, becomes opaque and looks elongated.
  • Loses clarity and blurs the contours of the face.
  • Exactly after 30 years , wrinkles develop on the face in the area of the folds naso-labial corners of the mouth and eyes.
  • More and more often, in the morning, a woman of 30 years is forced to look in a mirror, puffiness, bags, dark circles under the eyes.
  • The color of the face is ruined, becomes a land-grey, dim, and irregular. Above all this is evident, if a woman smokes or has abused alcohol.
  • Form of persistent spots and freckles.

All of these age-related changes spoil the mood and force you to reflect on its age and appearance. Provide competent, timely care of the skin of the face after 30 becomes the absolute priority, until it is too late. Normal daily hydration is not enough. Will have to apply the tools and organize the procedures that will be able to support the youth and delay the aging process. All of this can not be called a true rejuvenation: on him alone is still too early to talk about at this age. It's more correct to call it a care the maintenance and renewal of youth.

A useful tip

If, when looking in the mirror, in 30 years, there is no age limit to change, as described above, to relax the east that is not worth it. Beauticians claim that in such cases the aging is abruptly and unexpectedly. So still take care of to care for their skin after 30 years, even if it is in perfect conditions. Remember: it's not forever.

Face care after 30 years in a salon

30 years is the age at which he is not ashamed already seek professional help in a beauty salon. If you care about the renewal and preservation of youth and the freshness of his skin, make sure to visit a beautician. After a suitable examination has recommend a number of procedures aimed at improving the state of the epidermis. Regular beauty care for the face makes every woman of this age is much younger than her years. What advice can you give to a professional?

treatments for the face
  1. Cleaning of the face , after 30 years, guarantees the freshness of the skin, promotes prosperous perception of this knowledge of other rejuvenating treatments. In the cabin can offer manual or the hardware clean. If there are financial constraints, it is better to give preference hardware ultrasound: provides the skin with gentle care, causes a minimum of side effects, has a tonic effect on the action. The recovery period after her is only 1-2 days. Beautician and the same shall appoint a course of procedures. This is usually 1-2 times per month.
  2. Face Peeling after 30 years only need: he frees the epidermis from surface contaminants, oil tubes, upper "tired" layer of dead cells. Skin the field of nursing, the peeling easier to "breathe" better perceives masks, creams and other care products. At this age in the cabin, they can offer you a chemical peel. It is traumatic, but perfectly smoothes the first wrinkles.
  3. Mesotherapy face provides for the introduction of active substances with a needle under the skin. In 30 years of nothing, solutions with vitamins and antioxidants compounds, in small quantities, to sustain the youthfulness of the skin and strengthen the oval of the face.
  4. Biorevitalization face reminds intrinsically mesotherapy, but completely different in content. Often women after 30 years in some of the areas of the face that is injected with a solution of the famous hyaluronic acid: this can be the folds in the naso-labial, the area around the lips, the corners of the eyes, chin, etc Hyaluronic acid is perfectly integrated in the structure of the skin, fills in its gaps, wrinkles, maintains the elasticity, it retains moisture — provides the necessary care.
  5. Individual cosmetics has a very high efficiency. It is addressed to specific problems, from which you want to get rid of. Expert beautician to select the exclusive composition and also able to create for you a natural lotion, cream, serum, mask, which can be used to preserve the youthfulness of the face at home.

Beauty skin care of face, after 30 years and offers high efficiency. The professionalism of the beauticians and modern, innovative technologies in this area allow you to hide the first age-related changes that occur with the skin. This gives the woman self-confidence, and eliminating unnecessary complexes, and promotes an objective assessment of his appearance. However, not everyone is in a rush in a beauty salon to discover in the mirror to unpleasant wrinkles. Someone has money on the procedure, someone feeds every decided of its time, but some are simply accustomed to trust only herself. What to do in these cases?

In a note

Even if you are desperately short of time or money for professional care for the face after the age of 30 years, to use all his reserves of strength and finance, for a time, but the visit to the beautician. He will designate the main problems of your skin and will tell you the right direction in which you are then able to move independently.

Home face care after 30 years

Care of your skin after 30 years in the house suggests two ways. In the first place, the active use of funds: creams, tonics, lotions, scrubs, etc. In the second place, the preparation of such funds with their own hands to those products that are available in your kitchen, purse, or medicine cabinet. If the right to choose a skin care specially for this age group, and master the art of the house of cosmetology for the recipes, age-related changes in the near future it is unlikely that you will bother.

a beautiful skin of the face
  1. Facial massage — basic home skin care after 30 years. It provides an active stream of blood in the superficial layers of the epidermis, ensuring the nutrition of the cells. It is enriched with oxygen and nutrients, causing the cells to regenerate more quickly and updated. If you want this effect you can increase the contrast a massage with ice cubes, so it is recommended to clean the wilting skin. Tightening, refreshing, improves the complexion, strengthens the protective properties of the epidermis.
  2. Soft peeling, just in the house, the more secure vehicle. He does not hurt the skin, it is recommended after the age of 30, twice a week. You can use the special trolleys scrub or crushed oat flakes, candied honey, coffee the middle, the kernels of the nuts, etc
  3. Masks made in the house after 30 years of age are able to do miracles in the field of anti-aging. In the first place, they are natural and thus absolutely safe and effective. In the second place, the savings of finance. In the third place, their great diversity allows you to make the choice of the appropriate tool for your type of skin and under your problem.

In the home for the care of the skin of the face, after 30 years, it is also more orderly, and very competent in the use of cosmetics decorative. It should be of high quality, that is not worth saving at this age. And don't forget to turn in for the night, otherwise pollution of the pores and sebaceous tubes, not to avoid. And this will speed up the process of aging in a couple of times. Of all the home treatments and funds should pay particular attention to the scrubs and masks.

Everything seriously!

Think that at home the mask ineffective, but take away a lot of effort, time and products? It is worth the try at least once to pamper your delicate skin home mask or scrub, and on the problems of his 30 years of age is surely to forget. Because now you will be able to enjoy them constantly.

House masks and scrubs after 30

The main function allowed masks and scrubs, designed for skin care after 30 years, the freshness, hydration, toning and rejuvenation. On the impact lifting at that age to think it is still too early, but that is very easy and not so pronounced. To avoid getting lost in a variety of recipes, you can take advantage of our.

  • Regenerating mask

Cut a pair of fleshy leaves with the bottom of the aloe. Two weeks of resist in the refrigerator, wrapped in cheesecloth. Then delete them from the skin, remove the pulp. Mix (1 tablespoon) with hot olive oil (in this issue). This mask is ideal for hydrating the skin of the face, after 30 years, it promotes the regeneration of cells. The time of action — 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Nourishing mask

Transform the pulp of the banana puree, mix it (1 tablespoon) chopped cereal (in this issue), add the egg yolk, warm honey (1 teaspoon). Until the desired consistency is dilute in warm olive oil. This mask improves the complexion, relieves signs of fatigue, makes wrinkles and lines less obvious. The action time — half an hour.

  • Firming mask

For the same amount of mix up pharmacy glycerin, honey and oatmeal. Through this mask it is possible to quickly and accurately give the contours of the face contours. Duration — 20 minutes.

  • The stain of coffee with sour cream

Used coffee grounds by mixing it with cream in equal parts. Apply on skin and massage for 5-7 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

face masks

Regular home face care after 30 is available to every woman, which reflects not only on its current state of the skin, but also about what awaits her after 10 years. To notify the total age-related changes in the form of ptosis and wrinkles, it must be regularly and properly care for the face. The minimum set of natural remedies, along with daily 10-minute procedures help ensure that the skin youth and beauty for years to come. You just need the time to think about this, and 30 years — the most suitable time for this.