Oil for facial rejuvenation

Beauty is power, and to become the owner of attractive appearance, modern women have to devote much time and attention, care for their skin, especially if it involves the face, neck and décolleté. In the current stage of development of cosmetology and very popular oil for skin rejuvenation.

oil for skin rejuvenation

Now many of the fair half of the human race use them in various masks, creams and lotions.

Age-related changes

The age has a terrible ability to impose their imprint on our appearance. As would be sad as it may seem, unfortunately, things are so. With the passing of the years the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, wrinkles, laxity. The first wrinkles usually appear around the eyes and on the forehead. After 40 extend over an area of folds in the naso-labial, starts the deformation of the century: are SAG.

All this happens because of the fact that the cells of the skin loses moisture and lose their capacity for recovery and renewal.

Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure competent care of it. Certainly, most of the defects of the skin, you can hide, through the use of cosmetics. However, you should remember that if the time does not start to prevent the processes of ageing, then the consequences could be disastrous.

Facial rejuvenation - quite common among the modern women procedure passing in the halls. But you can fight with the advancing age, without resorting to the help of beauticians. Using the natural components, may be home to cook a variety of masks, creams, lotions or scrubs, which help to maintain the youth in the years to come.

Use for aging skin

Lately, natural oils have had wide dissemination in the pursuit of youth. In the fight against the ageing of skin simply has no equal. Oils and cosmetics used in the composition of masks, creams and other means to reduce wrinkles. The beneficial properties of these oils are endless. And there are several reasons why they have become the real favourites for the majority of beauticians and modern women.

  1. Is completely natural products that do not contain dyes, parabens and preservatives. On the contrary, contains a series of useful nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which have only a positive effect on the skin.
  2. The human skin is more vulnerable to cosmetic oils, with the creams, are absorbed quickly and penetrate to the essence of the cells of the epidermis.
  3. They are less aggressive, affecting the skin, unlike artificial means, which, among other things, can cause allergic reactions and redness on sensitive skin.
  4. They are absolutely harmless to the skin, because it does not violate its natural balance, keeping the natural protective layer of the epidermis.
  5. The active substances present in the composition of oils, prevent wrinkles, perfect to cleanse, tone and nourish the dry skin.
Use for aging skin

Get them only with natural ingredients (nuts, seeds, bones) by cold pressing.

The rules of use

There are many ways of application of these miraculous cures: you can cleanse your face, rubbing their depth of wrinkles (of course, if it is not essential oils), and can be in certain proportions to add them to the composition of masks (very effective masks with essential oils and hot pepper), creams, lotions, peeling, and so on. But, applying oil in the house, it is important to follow some rules, for which we obtain the maximum useful effect of their use and will not cause damage to health and to the state of their skin.

In the preparation of all kinds of cosmetics compounds, which are present in oil, it is necessary to always remember on the following principles:

  1. In one tool, it is not possible to combine more than seven different types;
  2. Foreign - is extremely active, powerful features, in order to be applied it should only be a drip (no more than 2 or 3 drops). In addition, essential oils can cause burns, if illiterate to use them. For their particular need to use the base in a cream.
  3. It is not possible to use the same oil for too long periods, not making the break. Optimally we recommend that you use no more than 3 weeks, and then give the skin to rest for a month.
  4. Also before applying the oil you need to make sure that you do not have allergic reactions to the components. For running this test: apply on the area of the bend of the elbow a small amount of oil, and then observe its state.
The rules for the use

If you use oil in its purest form, beauticians say that to get a greater result should be applied during the night. The skin at this time of the day is more vulnerable to attack by various means, and, as a result, the useful components and vitamins can penetrate deep to the epidermis.

If you prefer to prepare masks or creams, be extremely careful and caution: avoid contact with the mucous membranes of the lips and of the eyes.

Also, do not apply the oil on the area around the eyes, the skin extremely sensitive and may appear irritation.

Before you apply any means necessary to clean the skin thoroughly. In the first place, to remove the residues of cosmetics, because the skin under the influence of decorative funds closed and, accordingly, does not penetrate into useful components. In the second place, the facial skin, beauticians recommend to use a special cream for the face, and in any case, not soap, because it is very dry skin, damaging it. Via moisten a cotton swab lotion or tonic and clean your face.

After cleaning, you can steam the skin to open pores and have become more sensitive to the effects of nutrients. Now the skin is ready for the application of health care workers.

Many girls do not take into account another important aspect is the use of oils. This is the method of application. It is very important, inflicting composition on the skin of the face, do this with the use of elements of massage: in a circular motion, moving in the direction of the horizontal lines of massage.

As only the instrument with the essential oil for the rejuvenation of the skin is found on your face, we recommend that you relax completely.

Your facial expression must remain fixed: we can not talk and laugh. Better just to lie on the couch or on the bed and close your eyes. Give the instrument a good soaking.

Usually, the cream with the oils left over night, and the mask and wash after 15-20 minutes. When you start to remove the mask, in no case, do not rub the skin. Better delicate, fluid movements to remove the remnants of the funds with the face. After washing the face do not rub the skin with a towel, let it dry naturally.

The funds

Each oil has its own destiny, and acts on specific disadvantages. Then, to choose correctly the instrument, it is necessary to determine, for any purpose that you want to apply.


Regenerating mask with sesame seeds

The oil obtained from the seeds of sesame, is considered the most optimal for the skin, because it is suitable for all types. It acts actively on the processes of regeneration and renewal of skin cells, and with age occur much slower, and thus promotes its rejuvenation. It is also a great influence on other troubles with the skin: flaking, irritation, and so on. And fatty acids and lecithin, in addition to its composition, to protect the face from the negative effects of environmental factors (sun, wind, dirty air).

Regenerating mask with sesame seeds

It is necessary to mix the two types of oil: sesame and cocoa. Apply the mixture on clean face and let it rest for 20-25 minutes. Wash off residue with warm water.


Burdock oil is obtained from an extract of burdock, more precisely, of its root. Has a wide spread, such as cosmetics, is for therapeutic purposes. In this oil, a large amount of vitamins and minerals, that are beneficial to the wilting skin, firming and smoothing wrinkles. It is worth mentioning that burdock - female assistant not only in the care of the skin of the face, the mask also strengthens the hair and nails.

The protein contained in the burdock, it helps to maintain the natural lipid balance of the skin, improving its elasticity. I often add it to the mask anti-aging for the skin around the eyes.

The constant use of oil of burdock in the treatment of a person will allow you to obtain a clear outline, and the delicate skin.

Smoothing mask

Squeeze a teaspoon of juice of aloe leaves, add five drops of oil of burdock and mix with a teaspoon of broth, parsley. Apply the mixture on face, leave the mixture to dry, the remains of rinse after 20-25 minutes.

Recipe for a face mask with oil of burdock you will see in the next video.


The jojoba oil is derived from a shrub that grows in north America. In and of itself is a kind of wax, which has a lot of nutrients and beneficial for the skin substances. Above all, this oil has a positive effect for the owners of sensitive skin prone to irritation.

This is one of those oils that are contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

Many beauticians emphasize that this is the most effective oil in the fight with the advancing age. In addition, they argue that there are no contraindications to its use.

Mask anti-wrinkle

Connect the jojoba oil, and avocado. Apply on face and neck. Gently rinse with warm water after 15 minutes. Suitable for daily use.

Sunflower oil

Normal, unrefined sunflower oil, which you can find on the shelves of any supermarket food, can also be used in the preparation of funds for the rejuvenation of the skin. The oil of sunflower seeds, also have gained popularity, and flax seed and olive oil. These oils can be used individually, but the best result is obtained if the mix of different types at the same time. These ordinary oil blend with essential oils. However, be careful when you blend of essential oils, you need to add in a volume are only a few drops.


The resin of conifers has long been famous for its healing abilities. With the first time, it was believed that he was - assistant of all diseases. Fir itself occupies a position of leadership among the coniferous forest inhabitants for their beneficial properties. In the needles of the fir contains the nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamins a and e, necessary to preserve the youth and beauty, but also micro - and macronutrients.


Oil fir has an amazing influence on the body: it eliminates the virus and fungi, anti-bacterial, removes puffiness, prevents the appearance of "crow's feet" in eye area, struggling with irritation of the skin, tones and smoothes wrinkles.

In addition, very often it is a miraculous cure which is present in the composition of shampoos and conditioners for hair. These substances make the hair healthy and silky. In a word, we can say that the spruce wood - a stock of youth and beauty to your skin.

Milk thistle

The oil of thistle, and thistle, as its used to call the people, is an active antioxidant. It not only helps to smooth out wrinkles, but and perfectly heals wounds and cracks on the skin, struggling with diseases such as psoriasis, inflammation, eczema, dermatitis. Also the casting is known for its properties to block the absorption of toxic substances in the body.


Almond oil is obtained by cold pressing of the peeled grains of almonds. Is applied for treatment of the skin of the face and body, hair, and nails. Its composition is enriched with the most necessary for the rejuvenation of vitamins: A, B, e, And F. Often the almond oil used to get rid of the error as "crow's feet", as it affects favorably on the skin is sensitive century, not exerting a negative impact and not causing irritation.


The woman, already use oils for the rejuvenation of the face, respond differently to the experience. For example, many of the surprised impact on the ordinary extra virgin olive oil. It is, according to most of the beautiful ladies, and serves a wonderful base for the masks. To it are added to different esters: patchouli, ylang-ylang and bergamot, and with the regular use, the result does not wait: the wrinkles smoothed, the skin takes on a healthy appearance.

Extremely positive impression about you to their fans has left the castor oil.

Is the most delicate, therefore, it can be applied in its purest form, without the use of the base. Some of the girls have noticed that with daily use, it smooths wrinkles around the eyes, helps to prevent their further appearance. Simply moisten a cotton pad and thoroughly scrub the composition into the skin of the eyelids.

But be careful: some women have noticed that after these packs the next morning will swell the eyelids. Beauticians give some advice on how this can be avoided. Everything is very simple: you need to apply the oil for two to three hours before bedtime, and not directly before going to bed.

Exceptional recognition has been jojoba oil: according to the reviews, the use of this instrument for the rejuvenation of the skin exceeds many modern day beauty treatments that you make in the drawing-room.

Many say that it is also able to overcome the effect of the botox.

He has received a lot of compliments, and flax seed oil. Those who have enjoyed noticed that the skin has become look much more fresh and younger. Dryness and flaking are gone.