12 natural remedies that help to keep the skin young

remedies to rejuvenate the skin of the face

Natural remedies for the face, which is always the most fashionable. Many people are moving away from the usual beauty products with chemical formulas in favor of what they used for the youth, the freshness and the softness of the face, our grandmothers.


The form of the rod of the tomato is able to do miracles with softness and have lost the tone of the skin.

Use 20 minutes once a week for a soft, youthful, hydrated skin. Inflammation on the skin, clean it each and every day of tomato juice. To improve the tone by making a mask of tomato pulp and olive oil.


A real source of youthfulness of the skin. Eliminates small wrinkles, tightens and makes skin color smooth.

We use it in the form of daily packs of fruit juice or masks of dough, raw potatoes, imposed on the face for 15 minutes. For the elasticity of the skin and the clear oval of the face to mush, you can add the lemon juice.


The juice used as a tonic, every day rubbing the face.

Aloe vera

Fruit juice or mash the fleshy part of the leaves with regular use makes the skin radiant. Aloe takes away from the face of the effects of acne, reduces scars, also suitable for the treatment of burns.

Every day to clean the skin as a cream and the pulp we use in the form of a weekly 10-minute mask.


Mask of cucumber, is effective against acne. Ideal supports the vitality and youthfulness of the skin.

Cut the cucumber circles and put on the face for at least 15 minutes. We use a couple of times a week.

The sodium bicarbonate

Regenerates, purifies, stimulates the process of functioning of the cells of the skin. It is true, it is better not to use in pure form.

The mixture of baking soda and extra virgin olive oil in equal parts once a week, we use as a cleansing scrub. Mask 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of yogurt, apply on face for 10 minutes, tightens and rejuvenates the skin.



One of the best moisturizers. Thanks to the content of minerals and other substances honey rejuvenates and accelerates the growth of cells and the regeneration of the skin. With the regular use of honey cleans deep enough for the wrinkles. It is worth remembering that honey is contraindicated in case of allergies.

In its purest form applied to the skin of the face and neck and wash with lukewarm water after 20 minutes. As an anti-aging mask we use equal parts of honey and cinnamon.

Coconut oil

Non-refined oil nourishes, moisturizes, tightens the skin, reduces flaking and makes it more smooth as silk. This tool express once gives the result and makes the skin more fresh and young.

A thin layer applied on the face, after 5 minutes, remove the oil residue with a cloth.

Olive oil

One of the most effective tools of struggle for the youth of the skin. Does not cause allergies. Literally a drop of oil can be applied as a variety of beauty-funds. Smooths wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and makes it velvety.

Clean the face a few drops of oil in the morning and in the evening instead of tonic. A small amount of oil applied under the eyes instead of cream for the elimination of the "crow's feet". Added to any type of facial masks or cream, the damage on the skin every day.

Vitamin E

Normal drugstore capsules with vitamin c, it is possible to use not only inside, but and to apply them to improve the appearance. Promotes the regeneration of the skin, improves its appearance, remodels the oval of the face and reduces wrinkles.

By adding a small amount in all of the face masks. Connect with the usual cream. Moisturizes the skin of the lips.

The oil of rose hip

The miraculous elixir of youth. With regular use, you can remove wrinkles, crow feet under the eyes and signs of age-related changes.

Every day clean drop of oil to the face as a tonic. Add a few drops of oil in the usual skin cream or a mask.


A lovely natural scrub tool. Gently cleanses and nourishes. Removes all the dead cells, making the skin soft, smooth and shiny.


A small amount of granulated sugar weekly facial scrubs, and wet.