A faction laser rejuvenation

A faction laser rejuvenation cosmetic procedure, during which dotted the laser acts on the skin, damaging only one part of affected skin cells. Under the action of the laser beam, the surface becomes divided into micro-particles – the so-called fractions, because of the division that this technique of rejuvenation, and has received its name. To the naked eye, this separation is usually not obvious.

Pro fractional laser skin?

Part of the cells of the skin, which remained intact in the rejuvenation laser fractional, begins to regenerate. This promotes rapid, intense processes of natural cellular rejuvenation.


For a short period of time, the skin on the face, body, greatly refreshed, completely restored and rejuvenated. Uniform the formation of a new, healthy, collagen type 2, disappear visible the defects and imperfections of the skin.

A faction of the rejuvenation of the skin

a faction-rejuvenation

A faction laser rejuvenation, skin side effective skin rejuvenation, removal of wrinkles, and different flaws. There are two techniques of rejuvenation through the use of laser fractional. Each of them focuses on the solution of a specific range of problems, and selected physician-beautician individually, according to the indications and complaints of the patient.

In principle, the exposure to the skin, a similar technique is divided into two types – ablative and non-ablative.

Ablative of a faction rejuvenation

Ablative rejuvenation is controlled damage to the skin. It is to remove the upper layers of the epidermis to the layer. This technique when used in cosmetics contributes to a profound effective skin renewal, gives you the ability to literally grow a new and younger looking skin.

A faction rejuvenation CO2

The action of the laser is directed towards the removal of a wide range of age-related changes and skin blemishes problems. The fractional ablative laser technology CO2, you can: improve the general state of the tissues during the age of the changes

  • greatly reduce even deep wrinkles
  • remove scars, scars, stretch marks, marks, post-acne
  • remove benign tumors
  • get rid of sagging skin, improve the skin tone

How does the procedure of laser resurfacing CO2 fractional?

  1. Makeup removal
  2. The treatment of the skin with an antiseptic solution
  3. The application of the cream with the anesthetic
  4. After the preparatory phase starts the session of fractional laser skin CO2. The beautician pulls on the skin, of the laser machine, doing the flash all over the area. The eyes of the patient at the time reserved for special glasses.
  5. The skin cooling Cryo Zimmer – a special device, the impact reduces to the minimum the discomfort from the procedure.

The average duration of a session of 20-30 min, excluding the impact of anesthesia. The exact duration of the procedure depends on the area, which is processed (on the whole face, the neck and the face, eyelids, etc.).

After the procedure, you will need a rehabilitation period, which on average is 10-14 days. At this time is the renewal of the skin, form a film, and brown, which is a natural process after the exposure.

On how to take care of skin at home in this period, says a specialist for a consultation. After you have completed the rehabilitation period in the skin, completely refreshed, his condition improved.

Non-ablative factional rejuvenation

Non-ablative factional laser skin rejuvenation – still one of the effective types of rejuvenation. It is softer to the procedure of impact ablative laser. The difference from the ablative impact is that you are not interested in the deeper layers of the epidermis.

A similar method does not damage the skin and does not require a long rehabilitation period. In this case, the technique of non-ablative laser rejuvenation fractionated, and promotes intense regeneration of the cells and seems to improve the condition of the skin.

A faction laser rejuvenation in Movies

execution of treatments

Laser system from How it was initially created exclusively for the great patients clinic of Los Angeles and Hollywood, celebrities, stars, public figures, that often we need to transform in a short time and shine on the red carpet. Thanks to this, in the next procedure, received the title of Hollywood rejuvenation.

A faction laser rejuvenation in Movies guarantees a stunning result of the transfiguration with a minimum of a period of rehabilitation.

The action of the laser in Movies aimed at fighting with a variety of problems of the skin of the face, but also the different areas of the body, like the neck, décolleté, hands.

Who is laser rejuvenation in Movies?

A faction laser rejuvenation in Movies, the ideal solution for those patients who are in need of:

  • Adjust obvious signs of photo-aging (wrinkles, laxity of the skin)
  • Greatly improve the condition of the skin, improve its elasticity, restoring tone
  • Remove pigmentation, remove scars, scars and irregularities of the skin
  • Return to the healthy, natural color of the face

How does the laser skin rejuvenation machine fractional probing in Movies?

Makeup removal and degreasing of the skin – in the phase of preparation is necessary before anti-aging procedure. Only after completed, the medical aesthetician will proceed to the session of hollywood fractional laser skin. In the course of the session, the doctor makes the flash of a laser device in Movies Cynosure on the surface of the skin according to the area of the body or of the face, after that cools the treated area Cryo Zimmer.

The session lasts about 30 minutes. During the laser treatment, fractionated, any areas of the body, and its duration may increase. Anesthesia during the course of this anti-aging procedure is not necessary. The eyes of the patient during the procedure reserved for special glasses.

The period of rehabilitation after the course of procedures of rejuvenation of the skin of the face and body is a minimum and a maximum of 2-3 days. At this time on the skin and keeps the redness may form a small swelling.

Remarkable the effect of the procedure ablative laser rejuvenation achieved during the course of a session, which allows you to make on the eve of a significant event. However, to fasten the effect and to prolong greatly its, it is recommended that the course of 3-5 treatments, which should be repeated once a month.

Non-fractional laser rejuvenation


The Elite system is composed of two laser – alexandrite and neodymium, the constant use which promotes the heating of the tissues, thereby stimulating autonomous production of collagen. This impact ensures visible the effect of improving the condition of facial skin even after just one session.

Laser rejuvenation Elite widely known under the name of "Steps weekend", "the Procedure of the bride." The technique does not require a period of rehabilitation, because of what often takes place right on the eve of significant events.

What are the problems that will help you cope non-fractional laser rejuvenation?

No fractional technical Elite allows you to solve the following problems:

  • Opaque, gray, olive-skinned
  • Tired appearance
  • Lowered the tone of the skin, skin laxity, dryness
  • The network of small wrinkles

Before a session takes place make-up removal and antiseptic treatment of the skin. Only after the doctor-beautician starts to rejuvenation of the area you need – make the flash laser in the area of the face.

The procedure Elite – ideal for those patients in need of immediate visible effect, in this case, the time for rehabilitation is not everything.

You should understand that to improve the resultant effect need a course of 3-5 treatments, which should be repeated after 10-14 days.

Contraindications to the implementation of laser skin

Contraindications to the treatments, fractional and non-fractional laser treatments for rejuvenating the same. These include:

  • The sun and the tan (is contraindicated during the month before and after the procedure)
  • Intake of retinoids, hormonal contraceptives
  • The cancer
  • Many nevi (moles)
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding

Doctor-beautician fractional probing laser rejuvenation

A faction of the rejuvenation of the face and body – laser procedure, which aims to fight different signs of aging. Depending on the condition of the skin and of the wishes of the patient we can offer as ablative laser rejuvenation, gives a stunning result, but requires a certain period of rehabilitation, and non-ablative – the most delicate and, at times, gives is not so pronounced in the direct, but also quite effective.

To get the best results from laser treatments, it is necessary to combine with the methods of injection, for example, with bioremediation.

The price of laser skin

The prices for laser skin rejuvenation depends on:

  • type of laser skin (a faction or non-fractional, ablative or non-ablative)
  • the area that you want to treat laser
  • the number of laser rejuvenation treatments knowledge