Modern methods for facial skin rejuvenation

Beautiful skin after rejuvenation

Modern facial rejuvenation methods are of interest to every woman who strives to stay beautiful and stay young and healthy. Unfortunately, the aging process of our skin starts very early. There are many factors before this: stress, unhealthy diet, positive influence of environmental factors. Wrinkles, dryness, pigmentation-these are not suitable for any woman. It is easy and simple to restore youthful and beautiful skin today. Medicine and cosmetology are developing rapidly, providing more and more new methods and technologies.

The most popular way to rejuvenate

Consider the most popular non-surgical procedures:

  1. Laser facial rejuvenation is one of the most popular salon procedures. It has the following types:
    • Fractional laser skin rejuvenation-the effect of a large number of laser beams on the facial skin allows you to improve the skin structure, eliminate pigmentation, and activate the production of collagen;
    • Facial resurfacing-Laser treatment on the upper layer of the skin can improve blood circulation, restore metabolism, and increase skin firmness and elasticity. This process is painless and safe.
    • Photorejuvenation is the most harmless non-surgical facial rejuvenation method. Under the influence of strong light pulses, smooth wrinkles, eliminate acne, remove capillary network, and eliminate pigmentation;
    • Thermage is a deeper program. The radio frequency beam acts on the deep layers of the skin to renew the collagen in the cells;
    • Elos-rejuvenation is the simultaneous action of electric current and light pulses on the facial skin. This process is accompanied by a slight tingling sensation, the purpose is to produce collagen;
    • Mesotherapy-Vitamins and active drugs are injected subcutaneously. The drug to be administered is selected individually, depending on the goal pursued by the patient;
    • Ozone skin rejuvenation aims to renew subcutaneous tissues, improve skin tone, smooth skin tone and smooth wrinkles by injecting ozone under the skin.

Braces and surgery will also help restore the youthfulness of the skin. You can prevent premature wrinkles by choosing the right cosmetics and leading a healthy lifestyle.