Overview of body care and beauty treatments for different age groups

Body care

A person’s body needs to be taken care of, at least better than his face. With age, the body's own resources are depleted, and the skin loses its elasticity, becomes drier and looser, forms problem areas, and increases local fat deposition. In order to prevent and slow down these aesthetic defects, it is recommended to conduct regular cosmetic procedures, which are selected by experts according to the age and physical characteristics of each patient.

Body care after 20 years

The skin of people between 20 and 30 years old is characterized by increased elasticity, skin tone and normal moisture content. They have a uniform structure and smoothness. The large amount of collagen and elastin in the dermis is an acceleration of internal processes, which explains this characteristic.

The beauty procedures started so early, but they are mainly preventive.

Eliminate fat deposits and fat

Until the age of 30, you can use the following methods to correct local fat deposits that cannot be eliminated by diet and exercise:

  • Manual massage. Active manual operation in the form of tapping, rolling, and rubbing the skin. Its purpose is to break down fat, activate blood circulation and remove stagnant fluid.
  • Fat-soluble injections. Introduce problem areas with special solutions that enhance local processes and break down fat cells.
  • Packaging. The seaweed-based therapeutic mud or formulation is applied under the film of the problem area of ​​the body to produce a thermal effect, thereby increasing the skin's ability to penetrate the active substance.

Body care after 30 years

The skin of people between 30 and 40 years old has a normal level of moisture, moderate or weakened tone, and elasticity. During this period, problem areas often begin to form, cellulite is formed in the buttocks or buttocks, and fat is deposited.

30 years later, cosmetic procedures should no longer be preventive, but should be corrective. The indications for its implementation are cellulite, ptosis, and the presence of body fat to prevent age-related changes.

Eliminate body fat

30 years later, manual and hardware methods can be used to eliminate fat accumulation in various parts of the body. Techniques involving the use of special equipment that ensure a visible result are especially popular. Where:

Skin ozone therapy
  • Electrical muscle stimulation. The purpose of this procedure is to improve skin tone and reduce the volume of problem areas. A positive change can be achieved by contracting muscle fibers through electric current.
  • Ozone therapy. The purpose of this procedure is to increase skin elasticity and reduce the thickness of the fat layer. These changes are achieved by injecting ozone, which helps eliminate toxins, cell nutrition and optimize metabolism.
  • Cavitation. The purpose of this procedure is to correct the volume, eliminate fat accumulation, and tighten the skin. The change occurs due to the influence of ultrasonic vibration, which heats and destroys fat cells.

This type of process is only based on the course, and can be done at a more mature age if necessary.
Special lipolytic drugs can be injected to combat the small amount of fat cells present in certain areas. They cause lipolysis, and the fat is then naturally excreted from the body.


Diet correction and physical exercise are not always possible to eliminate fat from 30-40 years old. Other hardware effects of the following nature will help accelerate metabolism and improve skin conditions:

  • Vacuum massage. It is used to fight cellulite and increase skin elasticity. The principle of action is to create a negative pressure area, which stimulates the discharge of stagnant fluid and promotes cell renewal.
  • Ultrasonic massage. This is done to reduce the orange peel effect and correct the volume of the problem area. Since the ultrasonic pulse activates the internal process, a positive change is achieved.
  • Stress therapy. This is done to eliminate fat and puffiness. During this process, intermittent pressure is generated on the soft tissues, which stimulates the removal of stagnant fluid and toxins, blood circulation and lymphatic movement.

All procedures are also carried out by the course, and can be carried out according to the beautician's regulations, regardless of the patient's age category.

Firming skin

Hip lift

The ptosis of the soft tissues of the body of patients over 30 years old can be performed by lifting the thread. If the skin is slightly sagging without excess fat, it indicates the procedure. The essence of the procedure is to introduce a special thread made of biodegradable synthetic material into the problem area. They will not cause rejection or allergies, they will fix tissues due to their presence, and after dissolution and removal from the body, they will retain the newly formed collagen fiber framework to support the problem area in a natural way. All parts of the body will be troubled by thread lifting, but what is most needed is to correct the chest or buttocks.

Skin rejuvenation

Many women after the age of 30 are considering preventing age-related body skin changes. In most cases, even for the most suitable body, the true age is determined by the neck, sternum and hands. To keep them in their proper state, please perform the following process:

  • Biological regeneration. Hyaluronic acid injection can restore the moisture balance of the skin and improve its structure, and can slightly restore youth.
  • Mesotherapy. Inject preparations containing vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to saturate the nutrients in the skin, enhance the protection of the skin and restore vitality.

This process is executed in 3 to 5 sessions, and the execution results are stored for 5 to 6 months at most.

Body care after 45 years

Women aged 45 to 50 have mature skin, which is characterized by reduced elasticity and moisture levels. In addition to problem areas with cellulite and fatty deposits, areas with obvious signs of aging are also noted, most commonly the neck. Right neck, hands. . .

The procedures provided for skin care during this period are corrective and can be done by increasing exposure.

Eliminate body fat

50 years later, and sometimes even 40 years later, the fight against body fat has become particularly intense. For body shaping, special enhancement effects are needed, such as:

Frozen lipolysis of human skin
  • Low-temperature lipolysis. Fights the cold against fat cells. Up to 40% of the existing cumulative amount can be eliminated at one time. In this case, the entire exposure process means no more than 3 courses of treatment.
  • Lipolaser. Use laser to fight fat cells. Light pulses can destroy existing star clusters, and decay products are naturally discharged. If necessary, the process should be carried out during the entire course of 5 to 10 sessions.

Generally, as the effectiveness of this stage may be reduced, lipolysis injections are usually infrequent.


In order to combat the effect of orange peel in adulthood, methods of enhancing exposure are also used, for example, combining multiple directions at once. The following process uses this integration method:

  • Vacuum roller massage. This means that not only due to the vacuum, but also due to the impact of the use of special rollers equipped with nozzles on the machining process, the problem areas of the body are affected.
  • VelaShape. Contains effects in four directions (infrared radiation, radio waves, electric current and vacuum). It not only improves skin structure, but also reduces fat deposits.

This technique is practiced in a process of 10-20 processes, with an interval of 2 to 5 days between each session. It is recommended to repeat the course of treatment within 3-5 months after the first course of treatment.


As mentioned earlier, age-related changes are mainly manifested directly in the sternum and neck area. In order to combat them, injection procedures such as bioregeneration or mesotherapy are often performed, but they are preventive and, for mature skin, cannot significantly affect existing problems. In order to revitalize the designated area, the beautician recommends the following steps:

Fractional pyrolysis to restore vitality
  • Calories. Due to the heat generated by exposure to radio waves, the level of collagen in the skin is increased. Provides a plastic-like effect for up to 50 years.
  • Partial pyrolysis. By stimulating the collagen produced by the laser beam, it improves skin firmness and eliminates wrinkles.


Ptosis in adult patients can also be achieved by lifting thread. However, instead of using biodegradable absorbable materials, non-absorbable sutures have been tried for this purpose. Their working principles are roughly the same, but the effect is slightly higher.
They also fix the skin and soft tissues in new positions through physical presence, and stimulate the synthesis of collagen, thereby further enhancing the natural framework.
The validity of the process lasts for 1-2 years, after which it must be corrected, during which the threads will be further tightened.

The procedures of cosmetic institutions are often prescribed to patients according to their age, because it is a person without secrets. At different stages of life, our body has certain resources. Therefore, it is much easier to improve body and skin at the age of 25 than after the age of 50. This is why this effect should be more obvious in adulthood, and it should be supportive and preventive in childhood.