Simple tips for the care of the skin on the face

We welcome you, dear friends. We have repeatedly written about the appropriate facilities for the washing and different creams that help get rid of spots and pimples. Today, we dedicate the net time of boys and girls question for the care of facial skin problematic sensitive and oily skin.

Few people know that the imperfections become a constant companion of those who successfully raised funds for the care. Today we will tell you that the preference for the purchase of the means for skin care.

The main rules

skin care

The right care for problem skin at home depends largely on the stability and regularity. Often, out of ignorance, the mid-right of humanity make a lot of mistakes. It is recommended that you adhere to the following rules:

  • Waiver cleansing soap common. The tool is highly dries the coat and the feeling of “film” on the face. The soap should not be used for the cleaning of the skin in the neck area, the neck and back. If you really want to use this option of the funds, choose the tar, or soap.
  • The purchase of a special brush. The use of the fingers of the hands during the application of creams and serums simply hygienic. So easy to get infected and gain the inflammatory process.
  • A correct diet. Often speak of a special diet, that keep the skin in normal conditions. Recommend that you forego fatty foods and smoked foods.
  • The waste from the skin lesions. Beauticians repeatedly speak of how harmful squeeze pimples and blackheads, and do not rub your face with a dry towel. More hygienic than disposable paper napkins.
  • The use of detergents, masks. Beauticians recommend not to use such funds more than 1-2 times a week. They cause damage to the skin.
  • Mechanical cleaning of the face of confidence only for the beautician. In the absence of financial capacity to visit beauty salons recommend that you use the special devices — spoons and needles One.

Gradual care

Comprehensive and rational care is based on a few steps — cleaning, the application of a tonic, a special means of acne and creams for the care or gel for a particular skin type. And now let's go in order.


Skip this step is not possible, because the special funds allow you to erase the veil of make-up, sebum, dust road, dirt and grime. As detergents, the use of formulations of salicylic acid. Give preference to drugs, in which it is present benzoyl peroxide. For the gentle cleaning of the skin using amber soap. Suitable exfoliating and anti-bacterial formations.

Tonic or astringent

This category of cosmetic products allows to eliminate any residues of grease and sebum, is located inside the breast, so effective in the fight against acne and skin rashes. It is recommended to choose compositions without the alcohol, this component is highly dries the skin and causes an increase of the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

Use a tonic that's easy — take a cotton ball and a bottle with the medium. Shake the jar and evenly distribute a small amount of liquid on the disc. Clean the skin of the face and neck massage lines. The duration of treatment should not exceed 3-5 minutes.

The instrument acne

In this case, preference is given to the proven options. If you have not collected it, consult a beautician or a dermatologist. A doctor who is an expert teach you how to choose and use the tools that fit your skin type.

Care product — cream or gel

When buying beauty products for oily skin and the problems it is worth to choose compositions without oil. This component contributes to clogged pores and excess sebum secretion. Oily skin needs moisture, not less than dry. So it is important to choose the right cream or gel.

On the shelves of stores of cosmetic formations often very dry the skin and deprive it of nutrients. Therefore, you experience a burning sensation and desquamation. This often leads to the early onset of wrinkles and premature aging.

For people whose skin is prone to dryness, and the appearance of peeling, it is worth to use proven tools.

Hardware for skin care

face care

In beauty salons today offer a variety of different options. Hardware care for skin problems and gives positive results, but requires significant financial investments. In beauty salons offers a couple of

procedures that allow you to get rid of skin rashes and inflammation on the face:

  • Cleaning service. There are several varieties of this type of procedures — mechanical, ultrasonic, chemical and laser. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. Mechanical cleaning is an effective solution, but on the skin after the procedure remain redness, spend a couple of days. This is a polite way for the ultrasonic cleaning, which does not bring pain and does not form a scar on the skin. Its disadvantage is the impossibility of penetration to the deeper layers of the skin. Laser procedure is an excellent option to get rid of inflammation in the advanced stage. But the result of the session, you need to wait a couple of days.
  • The mesotherapy. This procedure is performed by expert beauticians. In the process under the skin, is introduced in the injection of hyaluronic acid. This medicine nourishes and nourishes the skin of the face. Indications for the procedure are not correct functioning of the sebaceous glands, certain types of acne and the patient's age over 35 years.
  • Cryotherapy. During the session on the coverage of the skin takes place the impact with the liquid nitrogen. The procedure helps to restore the protective functions and relieve the redness, even the tone and reduce inflammation.
  • Peeling. This procedure gives the possibility to get rid of dead cells of the upper layer of the skin on the face. The action of the means of communication used a more powerful scrub, used in the home.

Get rid of inflammation and cosmetic defects easy. Important is to carry out the procedure regularly. Not necessarily spend half a salary for the care of the skin. Use the tools of folk medicine — are also efficient and effective.