Face rejuvenation at home: simple, effective procedures

Which woman does not dream of eternal youth and beauty? Alas, in real life there is no miracle apples, thanks to which it is possible to reset a couple of tens of years. Only a careful self-care allows you to save what has been given to us by nature, and it is subtracted from it.

skin rejuvenation of the face

Skin rejuvenation of the face consists of a wide range of treatments, as well as a particular style of life. However, if you follow the path you choose, the result will not wait, and your appearance will be the object of admiration and imitation.

The factors that affect the natural and premature aging

Modern official of aesthetic and plastic surgery offer a variety of radical ways to rejuvenate the facial skin. In this list, - biorevitalization, mesotherapy, "shots of beauty" and so on, until the circular neckline. But all of these procedures there are no significant deficiencies, starting with the negative side effects, and finishing of high value.

In fact, there are less expensive and very effective. Before you contact him, remember, why our skin ages.

With the passing of the years in the cells decreases the concentration of hyaluronic acid, which binds water molecules. In this way, increases the dryness of the skin, which appear to be deep wrinkles. In addition, processes slow down circulation and metabolism, but also reduce the number of фибропластов, "responsible" for the production of collagen and elastin.

A story associated with the beginning of menopause. In a woman's body drastically reduces the production of estrogen: a hormone that affects the regeneration and the repair of the skin. The color of the face is aged, appear the first wrinkles and folds, the "contour" floats...

To premature aging, lead to the following factors.

  • Bad habits. Alcohol, nicotine, drugs - the worst enemies of female beauty, and health in general. Then give up on them we must once and for all.
  • The love of burns. Frequent exposure to the sun - a powerful catalyst aging. Increased insolation contributes withered skin, the appearance of wrinkles and stains.
  • An excess of love for the decorative cosmetics. Its tiny particles to clog the pores and does not damage the skin to breathe.
  • The lack of macro-and micronutrients and vitamins. Their deficiency adversely affects not only the skin but also hair, fingernails, and also the general immunity of a person.
The factors that affect the natural and premature aging

Effective massage techniques

Of course, a person cannot be reduced to "no" the natural factors of aging. But take control of those who directly depend on him, absolutely real. And this is not necessarily to settle in a beauty salon: you can arrange them in a welcoming environment. Considered the main stages of work on oneself, which have the aim of slowing down the ageing processes.

Therefore, effective for facial rejuvenation at home is impossible without massage. Specially for this was developed a complex of exercises, each of which performs one of the following options:

  • lymph draining: favors the elimination of excess fluids and swelling;
  • pull-up: performs the function of lifting at home;
  • clay: restores the contour of the face, that gradually is changing because of a weakening of the muscles;
  • against wrinkles: you can minimize the manifestations of small folds and to prevent the appearance of new ones. Master the art of a relaxing massage is not difficult. For this we need a mirror, any massage oil, and 10-15 minutes of free time. There are many exercises designed independent of rejuvenation. By way of example, a pair of efficient algorithms.
  • In the fight against wrinkles will help mild itching. The first phase of the work with superciliary sectors; it is therefore necessary to stretch the skin on the back of the nose; on the third point we move to the area of the eyes, which usually form the "crow's feet". It is important not to forget your cheeks: light itching it is necessary to produce in the direction of the periphery.
Gymnastics, that

Important step for the study of nasolabial phase, where you usually find the first and quite deep wrinkles. And, finally, the final stage - the simulation of the circuit. For this it is necessary to compress the camshaft and carefully ironed them the bottom part of the face from the chin up to the lobe of the ear.

  • A single exercise to strengthen the outline is that of smoothing the skin: the middle and index finger in the direction of the nose towards the temples; also, "the road" - from the eyebrows to the hairline. The next step is to smooth out the skin from the chin towards the ears. And, finally, the area of the chin: the back of the hand should gently tap on the bottom.

Gymnastics, that "makes" the face

A rejuvenating massage to the face will be more effective, if you do not forget facebuilding. It is gymnastics, in which muscles are also involved, practically unused in a normal facial expressions. You can start at any age. In young, this will help to strengthen the muscles and "pull" the moment of vision for aging in adulthood - to improve the condition of your skin, contour and eliminate some wrinkles.

Facebuilding is a large amount of exercise; but all are simple enough. Here are some of the most simple, but effective techniques of facial rejuvenation at home.

  • Against the folds of naso-labial. The tip of the nose needs a little pull to the tip of the finger. We begin to "push" the finger; a sign that everything is done correctly, - the increase of the wings of the nose. Exercise need to repeat 40 times.
  • Lifting the oval. The mouth should be a little slightly open, the lips engage over the line of the teeth. With the fingers a little bit of pressure to the corners of his mouth and make circular movements, 30 times.
  • The fight with interbroken a fold. The middle and the index finger must apply pressure on the inner part of the eyebrow and try to frown through the power. To this end, try to keep to the skin with the fingers still. Output - 5 times.

Cosmetics, created with their own hands

Not necessarily spend huge amount of money for "chemical" anti-aging cosmetics. Because effective, but completely natural remedies for the skin care products you can prepare at home. This will be useful as a very available and quite exotic products: everything depends on the degree of material well-being.

As the basis for the perfect cream melted in a steam bath beeswax. This product is equipped with emollient, nourishing and regenerating functions. Also, the wax is a загустителем, that "tie" other active substances of the cream.

Among these may be the following components:

  • oil base: sunflower oil, olive oil, corn, flaxseed, sea buckthorn, grape seed, etc.;
  • the cocoa butter, which also requires pre-melting;
  • the essential oils (you need to add a few drops).

Recipes creams, aimed at the rejuvenation of the skin, a huge amount. To show how much they are easy to prepare, here is an example. It is a nourishing cream for mature skin, made of natural ingredients. For him need: beeswax (50 g), coconut oil (50 g) olive oil (50 ml). All of the components, it is necessary to connect and put in a steam bath. When a homogeneous mass, remove from the heat and send cool, don't forget to stir occasionally.

After a while the tool thickens: then came the time to add 5 drops of essential oil. Use this cream is better in the evening, inflicting on clean skin for about an hour before going to bed.

But on this, treatments for face at home does not end here. Particularly popular among women have made masks in the house. It is also possible to make the various components. But just to rejuvenate useful in the above listed oil, so:

  • egg yolk;
  • sour cream;
  • the honey;
  • yeast;
  • oatmeal;
  • the pulp of aloe.

These products can be mixed together to achieve the highest result. And if to wash away as masks with the help of warm infusions of herbs (chamomile, succession, burdock, perennial, and others), nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating effects will be solicited multiple times.

Of course, on the fast rejuvenation of the face at the house of dreaming does not cost: still, it is not a radical plastic surgery. However, with every week you are going to notice positive changes; and to confirm this it will not be only a mirror, but also compliments the others.

Three times a day, seven days a week

Important cosmetology - adjust the work on oneself. As we have already said previously, the rejuvenation of the face can not happen instantly; all the methods have the effect, and require a clear execution of all the procedures. For example, imagine a rough beauty-the daily routine of a woman who wants to delay the process of aging.

  • Morning. Wash with cold water and rub off the skin cubes of ice "herb", exercise for the face (10 minutes), the use of moisturizing cream.
  • Noon. Gymnastics for the face (10 minutes).
  • Evening. Make-up remover, wash with cold water, a relaxing facial massage (10 minutes), the use of tonic mask (20 minutes), washing, application of nourishing cream.

...Knowing how to rejuvenate the face in the home, can effectively and without particular costs to get a good result. However, do not forget that any cure will not be complete if you consume alcohol, smoke, not get enough sleep and constantly are in a condition of stress. Remember that beauty and youth are only possible in the presence of useful habits, and not the opposite!