How to properly care for oily skin of the face

The oily skin of the face always keep their greasy luster, large pores, acne, comedones, and other problems. The causes may be: incorrect care, poor-quality cosmetics, an active lifestyle, bad habits, genes, stress, and so on. To avoid such unpleasant moments, they need regular intensive care.

care for oily skin of the face

If you don't care for the oily skin of the face, then the secretion of sebum (fatty liquid) to increase the shine will be even more evident. The pores begin to get clogged not only dirt and dust, but also the body fat, necrotic cells. Seems even more blackheads, comedones, you may experience inflammation, irritation. All of this will lead to serious problems and diseases of the skin.

The same effect will be, if you choose the errors from incorrect care products. As a minimum, they must be specifically for oily skin. Ideally, you want to choose the means, the composition of which includes the profits and the components. Correctly chosen, the instrument will give an opposite result, only worsening the condition of the epidermis and will add new problems. For this reason, this article is dedicated to the choice of instruments for the care of bold type of skin.

Common myths pro oily skin

Women very often collide with the basics of this type of skin. Many, unfortunately, are not correct, and introduce the owners of the fat of the epidermis in the deception. Starts from this wrong choice of cosmetics, of funds, of nursing. Effect in the best of cases it sees. In the worst cases – the disease and the deterioration of the skin. You need to solve the most common myths that prevent to the girls to take care properly for them.

Myth no.1.

The surface of the oily skin is more rough. For the most part is made up of dead cells. To enter the cream for the layers of the epidermis, the "dead" must be carefully removed.

Quite a common myth, which affects many. In reality, the skin of a living organism that consists of cells. Yes, there are and particles of dead skin, but few of them, as well as cells are updated. In the full refresh time period is twenty-eight days. On the surface of the face there is a level that you need to remove. Yes, after cleansing, the tone is aligned, and the skin becomes more clean. But it is not necessary to do so, which is too big, especially if the skin is prone to fat content.

Keratinocytes (the dead cells) – still part of a living organism. They just die and are removed from the surface of the epidermis, thus supporting the stable operation of all systems. If the expression (death), driven too hard, with the help of daily scrub and peeling, when I start the opposite effect. The skin begins to produce more sebum, which acts as a protection and lubrication. Starts hyperkeratosis – when the surface of the epidermis, compact, it becomes much more rough and thick.

Myth no.2.

care for oily skin facial cleaning

Scrubs must be difficult. Rub your face in need of "tracks".

Due to the fact that I have oily skin increased oiliness, many girls believe that in order to the cleaning, it is necessary to apply solid and hard abrasive compounds. Or in the shops, where suggest scrubbing with crushed nut shells.

Use this scrub is dangerous and is strictly prohibited. Solid particles clean grease of the skin, but and create small scratches which is not seen until a certain time. Because of abuse, activate the work of sebaceous glands, and the wounds will begin to become insensitive sebum. Thus, it will be the inflammation of the wound. In addition, the same abrasives are quite small and sharp. They can easily hide in the pores, damage them, initiating an inflammatory process or, worse still, be the acne.

Use scrubs with abrasive solids may be once a month. This is not to rub. If they have to hit, have made it easy to a brief massage, and everything. If an urgent need to even out skin tone – once a month scrubs you can do. But for everyday use, it is necessary to apply only a mild detergent.

Myth no.3.

The skin needs dry.

This is one of the most dangerous errors of claims. What the skin is covered with liquid fat, does not mean that she has a lot of moisture. The moisture and fat – different concepts. Fat the epidermis is constantly seeking a balance between the level of humidity and the release of sebum. If you enjoy remittit means – the effect is not comforting. These medicines pull the residual moisture of the skin cells, but the sebum does not affect.

On the contrary, if the humidity is not sufficient, to activate the work of sebaceous glands. Begin intensely to produce sebum, which is to compensate for the loss of moisture. But it is not so much to save, and then in cells, and lack of moisture and fat on the face is become still more. The skin loses tone, began to appear in the folds and wrinkles, start the dehydration. And here already there are no wipes, matting does not help.

The first thing to do in this case, is to stop drying of the skin. You need to stop using an alkaline soap and lotions alcohol-based. The more dry the skin and help to produce sebum. For daily washing, is it worth buying Sebum regulans foam. She does not affect the amount of moisture in the cells, but soothes the sebaceous glands and removes the excess glitter. After washing, it is possible to use a tonic that moisturize and soothe the epidermis.

Apply lotions alcohol-based need, but in some cases. To dry out the pimple or acne, these medications cause the point on the problem areas. In this way, it is possible to prevent the drying of the skin. Clean in the middle of the face is strictly forbidden!

Myth no.4.

With daily use, remittit – fat disappears.

Get rid of the selection of the grease is impossible. The scientific research is not yet able to confirm the fact, on the disposal of the sebum always. On the type of skin can affect the wrong food. Those who call the cause of a rich selection of liquid fat – you are wrong.

Type of leather was created by nature, is inherent genetically. Impossible, for example, to change the stature or the color of the eyes. Also the type of skin.

Myth # 5.

care for oily skin facial rejuvenation

Hydration is not necessary, as the liquid fat has a moisturizing effect.

Moisture status and the selection of the fat – different concepts. The liquid fat to be on the surface of the face, and the moisture inside of the cells. When exposed to external environmental factors (temperature changes, cold, heat, strong wind, stress) moisture begins to evaporate. With this level of fat on the skin remains unchanged. The same thing happens if, during the daily wash clean the face, but do not moisten tonic, cream or lotion. The moisture balance in the cells is broken.

To avoid this situation, it is necessary to use moisturizing creams. In addition, it is necessary to take account of the characteristics of the age. In the moisturizing cream for young skin must be hyaluronic acid, for women aged 40 years – the jojoba oil, the collagen.

The cream needs to have an easy, low-fat, and preferably to gel consistency. In the composition should not be of oils that can clog pores and create inflammation.

Nursing home

For the bold type of face requires a careful and intensive care. There was no problem, you need to choose only useful trick .that would not be bad, but, on the contrary, it will help you to cope with the unpleasant phenomenon of this type of epidermis. It is very difficult to find something similar on the shelves of a regular store cosmetic.

Better to use cosmetics or other pharmaceuticals. Useful will be those in which there are the following components.

  1. Vitamin A. This can be retinol. Is an active component, which is well reconcile well with the acne, pimples, acne. Sold a lot of funds with retinol in the department of cosmeceuticals (cosmetics). Use the medication only need a certain period of time. Wouldn't t it make sense to use constantly, as well as the component is addictive.
  2. Alpha-hydroacids (ANA). This can be the acids of the fruits (almond, malic, citric and glycolic acid and so on). Enter into the composition of creams, masks, scrubs, and pharmacy funds for the care of oily and problematic skin of the face. Clean the pores, remove excess fat, regulate the process of selecting the liquid fat.
  3. Trace elements. This is zinc, sulphur, copper, oxide). They do a great job with an eruption of the skin, comedones. Have an anti-inflammatory effect. Disinfect and normalize the state of the skin.
  4. Betta-hydroacids (BHA). This salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid. Often you can meet gel facial cleansing, tonics, lotions, purchase of masks and creams. Tightens pores, cleans the face, removes excess sebum, the skin acne.
  5. The essential oils. Natural ingredients that soften and moisturize the epidermis. The action of the essential oil of eucalyptus and tea tree has been scientifically proven. They soothe and alleviate inflammation.
care for oily skin of the face hydration
In addition to these components, it is desirable that a function of the state, and other ingredients, which help to overcome the difficulties related to oily skin. This is an extract of chamomile, celandine, st. john's wort, gingko biloba, calendula, nettle, and other things. They increase the immunity of the skin, nourish it, improve the state of the cells, improves the state of the surface of the epidermis.


Cleaning – the main phase of care in bold the type of the surface of the face. There is daily and regular cleaning. The first thing is to wash with warm water and detergents, gels, foams, and the other. Procedure done in the morning and in the evening for the recovery of the tone and tone, clean makeup residue and normalize the functioning of sebaceous glands.

Regular cleaning – masks, scrubs, peeling machines, cleaning, darsonvalization. Their need to spend, but not as frequently as the washing. They act on the skin more strong. Remove the excess of sebum, the treatment of acne and skin eruptions, blackheads and rejuvenate the cells, cleanse and shrink the pores, Matting, and moisturize. Every procedure done at different times, but adjust the full execution – with good results.


Hydration – no less important is the procedure. Many believe that oily skin – moist skin. However, it is not so. All of this has been previously described (myth n. 5). Hydration also need to spend every day, as well as a day the body loses about half a litre of water. In addition to normal drinking water, skin to cover moisturizing. This can be creams, tonics, masks, lotions.

Often hydration done immediately after the cleaning. After washing the face with cleaning means clean face tonic, moisturizer or apply a moisturizer. Hydration gives the skin ageing, rejuvenates the cells, maintains their firmness and elasticity.


Skin cover nutrition requirements for the intensive. In addition to vitamins, which enter the body every day, the skin needs a nourishing cream. Masks, lotions. You can buy or make yourself. The main nutritional components: oatmeal, honey, cinnamon, coffee, essential oils and herbal extracts.

Care professional

Care for the skin, you can not only. If you have the desire and the money, you can turn to professionals. Beauty salons offer new technologies and medications that help to cope with the problems of the skin. Wizard begin their work, with the formation of certain procedures for the treatment. They are based on one of the main problems. The direction of the treatment may be based on:

  • the alignment of the tone of the epidermis;
  • it rejuvenates the cells;
  • the correction of age-related changes;
  • whitening;
  • the cleaning and the shrinking of the pores;
  • the recovery of the skin;
  • vallum;
  • removal of inflammatory processes.

To entrust such a procedure need professionals. Who, in their turn, must do the following:

professional, care of the oily skin of the face
  1. Offer several treatment options that can help you to solve the problem.
  2. Explain how it works the procedure or the medication. To know if allergic reactions to components of the medication.
  3. Take into account the individual characteristics of the customer.


A cosmetic procedure that is based on rejuvenation of cells. With the help of puncture or of a special device in the top layers of the epidermis of the injected composition of hyaluronic acid and medication-vitamin complex. He, in turn, slows down the aging of cells, promotes the regeneration of the skin, activates the metabolism accelerated.

The procedure is only recommended for girls after 25-40 years. She tightens the skin and rejuvenates the cells.

Peeling professional

Professional exfoliation is a deep cleansing facial, which not only tightens pores, but and removes wrinkles, reduces inflammation, rejuvenates the cells. Peeling takes place in different ways.

  1. The effect of mechanical sanding of the skin with the help of diamond powder and special brushes.
  2. Chemical effect – the top layer of the skin to mix with the help of fats (milk, fruit juices, amino acids).
  3. The physical impact – purify the skin with the help of ultrasound or laser.
The number of treatments depends on the condition of the skin and the desired result.

Beauty masks

These masks are expensive, but the result is impressive several. After the application the skin becomes smooth and clean, without acne and excess fat. The composition of such a mask depends on your skin type.


care for oily skin facial mask

Massage – cosmetic procedure, which is very useful for any type of skin. Massage to grips with oedema, the chin, the selection active, the fat, the faint outline of the face and wrinkles.

For each area of the face using input massage. Are divided in classic, pinched, and plastic.


A good cosmetic procedure, which acts on the pores, and abundant secretion of fat by changing the high voltage and frequency of the current. It's a bit frustrating, but very effective. Period of maturation: 12 procedures. Then can be repeated after four months.