Skin care facial: cleaning, bleaching, humidification, how to improve the condition of the skin

As they don't say when they want to emphasize the beauty of the skin. Call it silky smooth, bright, delicate... But it offers so the skin is not all: on her have an impact and the environmental situation, and the forecast of feed, and the choice you deal with the media. We will talk about what is right for the care of the skin and what features it has.

skin care facial

How to develop a personalized program of care of a skin of the face

We all dream, for the care of the skin on the face is the most effective. Therefore, it has taken into account all its individual characteristics. Only in the cosmetology distinguishes four types of skin normal, oily, dry and combined. To determine to which type it belongs your skin, we list their main features:

  • The oily skin. The main feature — a greater separation of the grease and shine. The dermis seems to be evil, and enlarged pores. Oily skin is prone to the appearance of comedones and blackheads. But the small wrinkles on the face of it appear relatively late.
  • Dry skin is the opposite of that fat. Subsidiary of fat reduced, skin is not shiny, and has a matte finish, can detach. Dry skin is thinner and more delicate, but and wrinkles on it appear faster, sometimes already at 30 years. The pores on the skin of this type are practically invisible.
  • Normal skin — a middle way, which is relatively rare. The separation of the fat in the case of normal skin moderate, the skin can shine, but only in the T-zone, pores are usually small and expanded only in the central part of the face. Usually the skin of this type is resistant to external and internal factors, the state is "regular" in the course of the year.
  • Combination skin, which combines the signs of the above three types. To the holders of combination skin can be enhanced by pores in the T-zone, promoted the branch of excess fat in certain areas of the face, periodically there are whiteheads and black heads. Usually the combination skin is prone to premature aging.

All of these features to consider when choosing funds for the care of the skin of the face. Because if using those creams and lotions that "don't make your skin type, it is possible to obtain the opposite effect: not only does it not give you the result, but may worsen the appearance. For example, if the owners of dry skin will be able to use the skins with large peeling particles, can easily injure. And the owners of oily skin, using special means, must be a balance, otherwise you can dry out the surface layers of the skin, the overall problem remains unsolved.

Then, the principle of a proper skin care at home — choose according to the type of. If you have normal skin type, then you can make a program by yourself, focusing on common recommendations. The owners dry, oily, and more combination skin, we recommend you consult the specialists — cosmetologists or dermatologists. Just so you can pick the ones dealing with the tools that they decide to problems, and not make them worse.

It is crucial!
Everyone knows that you should not choose a cure means, if your skin does not refer to the normal type. But how to explain this? Issue in the main proceedings. Dry skin can be the consequence of reducing the activity of the sebaceous glands, and may be the result of a violation of the integrity of the epidermal barrier. Thus, the owner of the dry skin often solve the problem of moisture in the house, resorting to the use of fat nourishing cream. If the dryness of the skin is not related to the work of the sebaceous glands, and with the state of the epidermis, such a choice can aggravate the situation: greasy cream form on the skin surface film that prevents the cover of the skin, respiration and normal metabolism

In any case — you choose the means to be just or requires the help of a specialist program — the care of the skin of the face will be characterized by three phases: cleansing, toning and nutrition. However, a list of health professionals and the recommended procedures will be different in each case.

Care for normal skin

the skin of the face

It may seem easier, but that has its own characteristics. In particular, for the washing is necessary to use products that do not contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory components. Scrubs don't use them more than once a week. Remedies based on alcohol, which dry the skin, it is better not to choose, and instead of using cosmetics plant components: extracts of chamomile, aloe, calendula, tea tree. Align texture of the skin, improve its appearance.

The day cream for normal skin must contain a solar filter, to prevent too dry. To moisturize the facial skin in the house it is better to use the special funds, i.e. those which do not form on the surface of the film. Usually is not creams and gels, the composition of which are included proteins, polysaccharides, and other substances.

The rules of care for the oily skin of the face

Oily skin requires special care, which does not cause an increase in the activity of the sebaceous glands and not to dry out the surface layer of the epidermis. Also, you have to remember that oily skin low concentration of linoleic acid. This leads to the fact that the epidermal barrier, worse protects the skin from various pathogens, irritation and inflammation. This is why oily skin often suffer from redness.

The main areas of care of the oily skin of the face:

  • the starting point of the cleaning;
  • bactericidal treatment of the skin;
  • the reduction of the activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • hydration;
  • resolution of the areas of high-density (about them accumulates sebum and defects).

For washing it is recommended to choose the means with neutral (7) or acid pH (4,5–5,2): shift of acidity in the opposite direction increases the risk of bacterial proliferation. Better to take the so-called soap-free soap, that is, does not contain alkali. These are tools that contain ammonium lactate. Lactate of zinc helps to regulate the separation of the fat, dry the skin softly and gently. After washing the face 2-3 times a week you can clean the skin further with the help of a scrub. He will help you to remove the cells of the skin, not sloughed off of themselves. You can use an exfoliating cream or gel synthetic particles.

To tone the skin, better use of the funds, do not contain alcohol. This can be tonics, lotions and herbal extracts, in particular — with the content of chamomile, calendula, aloe.

Sometimes the owners of oily skin believe that it does not need hydration. Surely it is not so, however, moisturizing creams, should not have heavy, thick consistency and obstruct breathing, and the outflow of sebum. To moisturize the skin of the face, better not to use the cream and the gel, serum, or milk. If the skin is subject to inflammation, the nutrient should include ingredients with anti-inflammatory drugs, for example, bisabolol. But we must remember that the gel should not be used to the cold: in the winter they are only suitable for a night nursing.

Care for the dry skin of the face

Dry skin can be innate, genetic, but sometimes occurs in the course of life. In particular, the level of sebum production is associated with hormonal background — as you get closer to menopause, dryness of the skin increases. This can also be the consequence of misuse of care, for example, frequent peeling.

Care for dry skin must be very sensitive. During washing do not use detergents, giving abundant foam: this is to "wash" the lipids of the skin. It is desirable for the detergent content of the oil or other fatty components. Not worth even to wash with hot water: it must be a comfortable temperature.

products for the care of the face

To care for dry skin it is recommended to use detergents containing the cerammidi, cholesterol and free fatty acids. These substances promote the normalization outside of the skin barrier. If the skin is broken, use the tools that create a thin film that holds the water. This property has paraffin and glycerine, which can serve as a means of quick help: when you are using the water balance of the skin quickly recovers. Assistants, masks are recommended for those that have a gel or cream texture. Mask with clay content, particularly popular today, we need to keep on your face until the drying process, because after the skin starts to dry out too much. Masks of clay, it is possible to close over the film.

Often the dry skin, you look at the gasket, hyperkeratosis. In this case, it is possible to, making sure to use care emulsion or cream with acid, salicylic acid, citric acid, glycolic acid, malic acid.

In addition, we recommend that you monitor the level of humidity in the air (it is advisable to use the normal amortisation) and to the diet. Can dry skin influence positively the consumption of fish, rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They stimulate the production of lipids, to improve the condition of the epidermal barrier.

Proper skin care combined type

Features combined care of the skin of the face are explained the nuances of its structure. Increase in the activity of the sebaceous glands in the T-zone requires attention. When purify combination skin recommended scrub two times a week. This will make the cleaning of the face skin more effective and accelerate the absorption of the active components of creams. However, if the T zone is the inflammation, and the peeling should not do.

The second point is the feeding stage of the skin: for the different stages of to apply a variety of means. For example, the areas of increased activity of the sebaceous glands should be applied, matting and podsushivayuschee creams. Here's cream with a strong hydrating action it is recommended that you use the area of the cheeks and forehead.

Anti-aging care

With age the body as a whole and, consequently, in the layers of the epidermis, in particular, occurs a series of changes: it slows down the metabolism, the update of the tissues, reduces the content of water, which leads in the end to the loss of tone. Change the hormonal balance in the body also effect on the skin: less late the humidity, the more easily you will form small wrinkles. That's why the anti-aging skin care should be integrated, ideally, anti-age therapy with regard to the whole body. But directly to the face shown:

  • bio — hyaluronic acid injections;
  • ozone therapy — the impact of ozone on the skin;
  • photorejuvenation — laser radiation;
  • massage the face;
  • the use of retinoic acid — a synthetic analogue of vitamin A, responsible for the renewal of skin cells.

These activities are aimed to improve the tone, the lack of water, the protection against free radicals — molecules that can destroy the protein and step up the process of aging of the cells. However, the procedure of anti-aging contains so many nuances, that is the theme for a great article.

Skin care facial

And of course, you can not touch on the theme of the care of the skin of the face. Because with an irritating, skin rash, increased pigmentation at least occasionally in front of each of us. What to do in this case?

  • Redness and couperose (redness of the skin — temporary or permanent — and the presence on the skin and extended blood). When these problems, you need to pay attention to very soft, for cleaning, to use the means without abrasives (solids) of the particles and alcohol, cosmetics for care can apply to the special devices, for example, toiletries, gloves. In addition, it is necessary to use protection devices, to avoid the aggressive impact on the skin, eliminate visit saunas, receiving warm baths. You can make courses of phototherapy (light therapy), mesotherapy (subcutaneous administration of medicines), the expression of redness, apply medications and azelaic acid, metronidazole, take a massage and ice.
  • Seborrhea — the bad functioning of the sebaceous glands. It is manifested with an increase in the formation of fat, peeling of skin, thickening of the top layer of the epidermis. For the cleaning of skin with seborrhea, you can use a lotion based on vegetable components, alcohol funds is not recommended (only local). To improve the state of the skin, it is possible to make sulfur or mineral baths.
  • Acne and acne. Let us reflect on the treatment options when the problem is mild (if expressed problems, it may be necessary to a complete treatment, which includes including the use of antibiotics). Especially be careful when the acne it is necessary to pay to purify the skin: each procedure should last for two to three minutes, and the problem areas it is worth to dedicate a greater amount of time. To tone the skin it is necessary to choose the means, do not contain alcohol, you can take lotions and tonics based on chamomile, sage, instruments with low content of fruit acids. Once a week you can do a peeling and a mask based on clay, which will reduce the size of pores. Experts recommend that times a couple of weeks to do the mechanical cleaning, including the use of ultrasound.
  • Hyperpigmentation — pigmentation disorders of the skin caused by various reasons, including the advancing age. Options to combat this problem, there are several: from the use of bleaching agents and professionals of the procedures, such as laser, peeling. For whitening skin of the face can make peeling with phytic acid, almond acid. Patients with age hyperpigmentation shown hardware peeling, or laser impact.
beautiful skin

To resolve the problems with the skin must be applied in a complex therapy. In some cases, as we have already mentioned, are assigned to the antibiotics, you may need anti-fungal medications. As is well known, many skin related problems diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract