Skin rejuvenation facial for men

Men no less than women who want to remain young. Only aloud to say much less. For them, there are ways to rejuvenate the skin of the face, including the passenger compartment of the procedure, plastic surgery and independent techniques of rejuvenation without radical applications procedures. We'll know more about them.

rejuvenation men

The Salon rejuvenation of the skin

Beauty treatments for the skin of the face men give an effect very good. Turning to the beautician, you will get the expert advice about the application or the other method of rejuvenating exposure:

  1. Akademiens allow you 4 procedures to dramatically improve the condition of the skin. Is equalized, his tone, smooth small wrinkles, the face will look rejuvenated.
  2. Cryolift allows you to oxygenate the skin of substances, resulting in a boost of energy. She becomes smooth and uniform natural color.
  3. Fibrotic is a great way to fight without play skin. This procedure is active in the formation of fabrics, their fibroblasts, or cells that synthesize elastin and collagen.
  4. Ultrasound lifting. The procedure allows you to save anti-aging effect for three years. Particularly important will be the removal of folds in the naso-labial, wrinkles in the forehead area, the recovery of the oval of the face.
  5. Lifting is a single manipulation, giving the visible effect of rejuvenation is 5 years old. The effect of the procedure is similar with the result of a surgical facelift.
  6. Laser biorevitalization. The procedure is a laser introduction of hyaluronic acid in the epidermis.

Characteristics male facial plastic

Usually men make a plastic face later compared to women. And this is due to the fact that the processes of aging, starting much later, because leather man contains in itself more collagen.

Characteristic male rejuvenate is a combination of different treatments. This blepharoplasty (correction of the eyelids), liposuction of the face (removal of excess fat), litora plastic.

The priority with the position of the rejuvenate is made of plastic of the forehead and eyebrows. But the lifting effect of the eyebrows can sometimes look unnatural. Therefore, plastic surgeons rarely recommend this men. The main emphasis are on the plastic of the eyelids, which seems more natural. Eliminate the signs of facial aging for men liposuction of the cheeks, the chin. litora plastic is considered to be the innovative technology of rejuvenation of the face, without a trace move the tissue of the face to the floor and snap into a new position. This operation is almost without the shedding of blood. It is performed under local anaesthesia and in outpatient settings.

Rejuvenation at home

As practice shows, face rejuvenation at home the most committed women. But men can also use simple methods of care of the skin, which slow down the aging process, help protect the skin from aging, protects from the harmful effects not only of the environment, and their weaknesses. What does that mean? It's simple: the smoke and the alcohol. Simple and obvious axiom: the drinker of a man (or often bibens) you can easily determine from the skin. This is the its reddish color, bags under the eyes, swelling of the face. And even if a man only drinks beer, but almost every day, then these are the symptoms of a characteristic appearance and him. When the man throws smoke and alcohol (honor and praise), then just a month after its rejuvenates the skin, since it is eliminated by the liver. It becomes a healthy pink color, and in the morning on the face there are no signs of swelling.

before and after

Sometimes rejuvenation of the skin of the men is a simple change of lifestyle, starting from the change of diet and adding exercise. In fact, the activities, the richness of oxygen, normal sleep, a balanced diet are the basic fresh appearance.

The food was balanced, it should be regularly consumed vegetables and cereals, meat, and vegetables. Three meals a day is the minimum meals for men per day. Better for the metabolism, when they will be 4-5. Snack — a normal phenomenon for men. You need to drink at least 2 litres of clean water. The shortage of water in the body, once it appears on the face: the skin is dry, it swells.

Responsible for the daily care of the face — the basis of its a healthy appearance. This assistance includes cleaning, moisturizing, exfoliating 2 times per month. Daily care protects the skin of the men to inflammation and scaling.

Anti aging cosmetics man is chosen based on the type of skin, and with his choice to help a good beautician.

An effective way for the rejuvenation of the face is, and gymnastics. Each day, paying special exercises for the face for 5-6 minutes, it is possible to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, double chin, bags under the eyes, wrinkles between the eyebrows and naso-labial. If you want, you can go and take a course of massage for the face. It not only acts as a rejuvenating procedure, but also as an soothing for the nervous system.