Laser rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes - rejuvenating, sometimes!

The skin around the eyes before to surrender in captivity lived for several years — so it affects the fineness of his nature, a greater vulnerability. In addition, we have smile, looking at the sun, and then we do more the problem.

The wrinkles, like a spider's web, intertwine your eyes, and fight with this day by day, more and more difficult. Surgical same methods of correction of appearance for various reasons, are not right for everyone. So there is nothing surprising in the huge popularity of this procedure, such as laser skin rejuvenation around the eyes.

Laser rejuvenation

Hits the target, without damaging

With its help, you can fight aging skin and wrinkles in this area, formed on the eyelids for an "excess" of skin. To miraculous effect is possible thank the laser beams: they hit the mark, without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Strong effect

It becomes less obvious pigmentation, you experience the metamorphosis and wrinkles. If they are small, they may disappear altogether, and deeper in the line. At the same time, laser rejuvenation allow you to forget about irritation and peeling.

The launch of rejuvenate

The use of this technology consists not only in achieving a beautiful external effect, but in the fact that the skin is discovered severe internal impact. Starts the rejuvenation process, increases elasticity and firmness.

Personally you

The power of the beam, the depth of its penetration into the skin is adjustable, which allows you to choose every patient the same set of parameters.

Without pain

During the treatment, they feel no pain, the more that is used, a local anaesthetic.

The eyelids will survive

The procedure safely are also experiencing the tender place, as always.

A small rehabilitation

This technique does not lead women to find a lot of the time, not only for the procedure, but also for the rehabilitation. Literally after day the skin close to the eyes, with redness, and others do not realize that transformation are some of the treatments of handling.

The launch of rejuvenate

After the procedure

Because the wound is open and there is no risk of infecting the treated areas. Directly before the procedure, and three weeks after she can't take the sun in a natural way and in the solarium. Cosmetic products for the care and decorative — they must protect from the uv rays.


Not everyone can afford the luxury to rejuvenate the eye contour with the laser. Have to wait until the high fever and cold, the acute phase of atopic dermatitis, inflammation at the site of the future treatment. Does not work with the procedure of those women, that in less than two weeks ago did a chemical peeling, suffers from psoriasis, and epilepsy, is preparing to become a mother.