How to prolong the beauty and youthfulness of your face without surgery

Thanks to the development of cosmetology you can get a facial rejuvenation without the operation for a couple of procedures. The important thing is not to regret the money. Visual Appeal – this is the true wealth of every girl. And even if there are a lot of proverbs, where it says that beauty does not bring happiness, but it is necessary to improve the inner world of man, then why just the young and beautiful rule the world, getting what they want?

young skin

If you can maintain youthfulness?

No woman can safely tolerate is approaching old age, and tries to avert that moment, when the wrinkles will affect each stage on the skin.

There are radical methods to fight the wrinkles, for example, the plastic surgery... But, agree, not everyone can afford it, not to mention a number of contraindications and side effects. So that salvation is no need to seek other methods of struggle with the advancing age on his face, as for example injections cosmetic.

Seeing today's stars, in the course of the long years of the speakers on the stage. Many it becomes evident that age is not an obstacle. We can see their miraculous transformation and all thanks to the progress of cosmetology. But what are these methods of correction of face with the help of injection? If there are no dangers or contra-indications? How long will be the result after the completion of all the courses of procedures? This and much more next.

When it is worth reflecting on the rejuvenation?

To be young forever is the dream of every woman, especially after thirty years, when the age-related changes, it is already possible to observe the face and hands in the form of wrinkles. Alas, it is impossible to be always young, but you can slow down the aging process, using different methodologies.

The first thing that we notice is the small network of wrinkles, cover some areas of the face:

1. The corners of the eyes. We often squint for several reasons:

  • the sun,
  • when the above any thought or straight,
  • or simply widely smile.

2. The folds on the front, also the area is very problematic, sometimes we do not notice how wrinkles face, and how often. But with the passage of time, the skin loses its former elasticity, then the creases become deeper and more visible.

3. The dimples on the cheeks. If the first child is cute, then with the age dimples are not attractive wrinkles spoil the contours of the face.

4. Another problem area is the chin and the neck.

Important! Every woman should remember, before you start taking care of the skin, the longer you save the youth!

Take care of yourself, you need to start again in adolescence. After all, this is a period of adaptation and explosion hormone. It is important to remember that you need to protect your face from the rays of the sun, use a protective cream.

The older the woman, the more intense the care needed. After gradually the natural production of collagen diminishes, then you need to adjust the stimulation process.

Another precursor of wrinkles is the human tendency to swelling. The problem here lies within the body, perhaps, develop hidden pathology, the integrity of the skin of the face and as a result you lose appeal. In this case, it is suggested to consult a doctor.

stage of ageing of the skin

The failure of the skin:

  • On the eyelids,
  • In the area of the cheeks,
  • In the area of the chin.

The main causative change of the contour of the face is the loss of plasticity of the skin. From this begin to form folds.

The solution to all these problems there are, and they don't need to turn to plastic surgeons. Thanks to the improvement of cosmetic services, it is possible to reverse the ageing process of the skin of the face, with the help of a number of techniques.

What are the methods offers modern cosmetology?

The variety of approaches to the solution of the problems of the aging, help you to realize the dream of every woman to stay young and beautiful a long time. Here are the main methods of struggle with the time.

  • Plastic surgery. Ten years ago, this method was considered the only possible way to combat the signs of aging. This is only available was not every woman, and a series of contraindications by making a list of candidate even less.

In addition, there was no guarantee that the outcome will meet the desired needs of the patient. Often had a lot of complications. And trying to make himself look good, has developed into disfigured face.

Of course, the plastic surgeons of the face much more professional, but the success of the operation and are now experiencing.

  • Facial rejuvenation injections without surgery. "This is the way to save the scope of youth, now gained popularity. There are a number of different treatments that will help to recover the elasticity, and the elasticity of the skin, after a couple of sessions, for example argireline.

The pro of this technique, the possibility to every woman to choose the individual cocktail that will be a tough job, and without contraindications and side effects. Here is a list of the most recent innovations in cosmetology:

  • The mesotherapy. In the structure of the composition, of input, is a complex of active substances, which stimulates the processes of rejuvenation under the skin and nourish the cells.

Each cocktail individually selected patient, taking into account the characteristics of the skin and problems that need to be resolved. The composition may contain: enzymes, amino acids, vitamin complexes.

Important! Regular intake of vitamins strengthens not only the body, but it improves the complexion.

Thanks injection the introduction of cocktails, in problem areas, are delivered of the necessary items that are immediately begin an active, stimulating the natural rejuvenation process. The skin changes, increases firmness and elasticity.

Age limits is not, then, can the rejuvenation of the face without surgery in 50 years. But the procedure you will need to repeat regularly, as well as the effect does not manifest itself immediately.

  • The prp. It is a miracle of cosmetology has produced the effect of success, especially for those who suffer from allergies. The essence of the process is the introduction under the skin of the plasma derived from the blood of the patient. The effect is incredible, the body begins to perform the processes that contribute to rejuvenate the look.

The main advantage of the procedure is the origin of the natural composition of the injection, precluding the possibility of rejection. Use only the services of proven aesthetic clinics, in order to avoid disruptions of service.

  • Biorevitalization. This procedure is also based on the introduction subcutaneous injection. Only entered the hyaluronic acid. This substance is different, because they are able to return the plasticity of the face after a procedure.

But, will have to cut away the entire face to a certain scheme, and not only to the problem areas. Now there was the possibility of spending the entire procedure by means of a laser, which is a considerable advantage, especially for those who are afraid of needles.

  • The Contouring. Here the main tool in the fight against the signs of aging: the goose-legged on the eyelids, unsightly folds not the lips and the nose, is a simulation of the face due to fill the problem areas, special gel-filled with fillers or the volumization lips.

These types of gel-many, the choice depends on the needs of the customer. The main problem of this momentary action, to maintain the effect of the youth will have to repeat the procedure every year and a half. Frequent procedures can cause allergies, so be careful.

  • The Lifting with the help of 3D – masonite. This procedure is similar to plastic. Aug builds a kind of frame wires, around the contour of the face, leaving no trace of the intervention. And the effect is immediately visible and it is not necessary to the rehabilitation period. This method will help support the perfect face for two years.

Beautician are introduced special hypoallergenic masonite, the construction of a frame for the faint of subcutaneous tissue.

  • Rejuvenation with the use of laser techniques. Here you can take advantage of laser resurfacing or fractionated laser rejuvenation.

In the first case the laser, smoothed the cells of the skin, remove pigmentation and other flaws, but at the same time, deep massage activates the natural processes of rejuvenation.

During the procedure, fractional rejuvenation, the scattered laser beams acting on the outer parts of the skin, by selectively suppressing any stains and other imperfections.

  • Photorejuvenation. This is the direction in the cosmetics industry recently, but has already gained popularity. With the help of the light processed the deeper layers of the skin. It is very effective in the nutrition of the tissues, because the rays of light withdrew to the ultraviolet light, which is harmful affects the skin.

The effect of such a heating the deep layers of the skin, stimulates the production of collagen, which constitutes the frame, visibly rejuvenating the face.

  • The Lifting with the use of radio waves – RF.
  • Massage the skin with a special machine or LPG-massage.
  • Ozone therapy. This procedure helps to nourish the skin cells of oxygen. The device is a special blend of ozone penetrates deep into the cells of the skin. After the procedure improves the skin metabolism, smoothes the wrinkles of expression. And, in general, improves the complexion.

Whatever the method of rejuvenation, with the use of injections or the laser you choose, it is important to remember safety.

The best creams for facial rejuvenation without surgery

skin cream

Cosmetics to preserve the youthfulness of the skin in abundance. Every cosmetic company tries to publicize your mark, by assigning creams a series of unique features. Of course, for any loving of themselves women must always be:

  • Lotion or gel for daily washing.
  • Special means for removing make-up. There are special means to soften the areas, like the eyelids.
  • Scrub for a deeper cleansing, there are every day scrub, which do not damage the skin.
  • Lotion.
  • Tonic.
  • Face creams day and night.

Not to mention the skins and a variety of masks, which nourish and tighten the skin. Exactly cosmetic cream, and other tools help to rejuvenate the face without the injections.

There are a number of tools for every age and skin type. Because with the age they are needed more efficient components in creams, to maintain the freshness of the skin.

The only advice in the choice of appropriate instruments for beauty care:

  • He studied the composition of the funds.
  • The date of manufacture and expiry date are important, otherwise you risk damaging the skin by using the cosmetics.
  • If you have allergies, it is best to use makeup that is hypoallergenic, that you can buy in specialized stores or in the pharmacy.

Different advice beauticians converge in a single, you need each day for the care of the skin of the face and other parts of the body, if you want to stay young and beautiful for years to come. Learn the instructions attached to the cosmetic products, especially with regard to the deep cleaning of the skin, such as peeling.

We use the healing properties of herbs

The popular medicine for centuries, has used herbs and teas to keep the beauty and youthfulness of women. Of course, many of the old recipes have their efficacy, but because they were created in times, when the environment was different.

Today the crazy pace of life implies the search of a most powerful means to maintain the beauty of the face. In addition, the use of folk remedies must constantly to maintain the effect of rejuvenation. Therefore, more and more women give preference to modern advances in cosmetology, where in the face of a procedure, for example, cryomassage nitrogen, the effect will be visible once.

Of course, if the lack of finance has placed the traditional medicine is much cheaper, but you will need a long use of the funds, to get the desired effect.

Mask for the maintenance of the youth

In every beauty salon, office or beauty salon application of masks, a first aid for the skin of the face. The main advantage of all the masks is that you can use at home.


Many recipes for the preparation of the mixture can be found in open access. Or buy ready-made which consists of renowned brands. When the purchase of ready masks best indicator is the quality of the product, so the savings can not give a good result or bad.

Masks help to moisturize the skin, nourish its useful elements, make part of the products used for the preparation of masks. In this way, it is good to keep the youthfulness of the skin, if applied every day. The use of masks, is the possibility of finding the recipe for the preparation of the mixture, especially if you know their problem areas.

Vitamin diet

Get the body of vitamins is the most important task. Because it is the trace elements content in food products, contribute to prolong life and youth, including. Not for nothing is said that we are what we eat. This is the pure truth. Take a look at those people without discrimination eat junk food, many drink alcohol, smoke. But all of this worsens the condition of the skin.

But this does not mean that you have to sit on a diet exhausting. The most important thing is to compose a personalized menu. Where you will be able to get everything you need, measured in quantity, without overloading their body.

For this you need to lead an active lifestyle, and enable sports, or gymnastic exercises in a weekly program. In this way, the beauty and the youthfulness will stay with you for years to come.

Conclusion pro the youthfulness of the face

Takes care of itself the primary duty of every girl. After all, outer beauty is the business card of every woman. But the beauty requires sacrifice, including the time, the means, the hard work on oneself, discipline. The reward for your efforts will be the focus of the male, which will not leave you. Remember the main commandment, the man loves eyes, and you have not had competitors attention to his appearance. Let that surround it are surprised of your youth, and freshness.