The most recent plasma facial rejuvenation

plasma skin rejuvenation

Non-invasive plastic lately becomes more and more popularity. People are looking for a more youthful appearance, fast and easy, without negative consequences, not resorting to of the surgeons.

And one of the most popular ways to throw out a couple of years at the beautician's is considered to be plasma facial rejuvenation. We tell what it is, with some cosmetic defects helps you deal with and how much it costs.

The benefits of plasma to rejuvenate the face on the machine, the Plasma-Liner

The procedure of plasma for rejuvenation of the face usually holds, a beauty therapist trained to work with the Plasma-Liner. For the correction of imperfections in the medical training of a specialist is not necessary, but with the removal of scars, scars, tumors, and post-acne medical qualification required. If a person with that you've found, then the procedure is very likely to bring only benefits.

The device which is used for it the 5 main benefits before you touch it with similar effect:

  1. Plasma-Liner to minimally hurt the skin, suitable for working with sensitive areas, and provides a brief period of recovery in an average of 7 days. Plasma rejuvenation of the face - manipulation, non-invasive, the machine does not it is leather. The skin acts only in the plasma. Bruises, with a correct technique of carrying out not remain.
  2. The procedure is sterile, the risk of penetration of infections reduced virtually no. Even if the needle of the pen directly with the skin does not interact, charged to the instrument and disposable, and sterile.
  3. Allergic reactions to the method, moreover, are not typical.
  4. Great set of courtesy issues that can be resolved quickly and without too much damage.
  5. The speed of achievement of result. A session, depending on the area to be treated, requires from 10 to 60 minutes. The effect is noticeable once and with the time manifests itself even stronger.

But the main disadvantage of the handling of a the end result affects the capacity of beautician treated with Plasma-liner. Better not to save on the salon, the expert of click done by works and not to trust too tempting title.

How does it work?

The advantages of plasma for facial rejuvenation

Machine for the rejuvenation of the face is a pen with a replaceable tip, which resembles a large needle. It works with nitrogen and oxygen. Speaking in very simple words, the Plasma-liner is a machine for creating thumbnails, aimed lightning.

Plasma beam device with hardening veils and the working elements of pathological tissue effect is coagulation. Healthy cells after such a stress are beginning to regenerate, stimulate collagen production and are trying to repair the damaged skin. The collagen fibers due to moisture loss become less elastic and the skin taut.

The same manipulation of plasma for rejuvenation of the face by these virtually no different. Beautician cleanses the skin; maintains the selected area with an antiseptic and a local anesthetic. Then the specialist, for a moment, brings the pen to a patient's face, and dotted and crossed by the fault. Microburns, even without anesthesia, often do not express unpleasant feelings - people feel only heat.

The pain is only possible if you delete the neoplasm, when the duration of exposure, the Plasma-liner on the skin increases.

The remaining after the treatment of points at the end of the procedure, coated with the healing cream. The same in clods shall apply during the period of recovery. Short-term bans after the visit to the beautician in the patients remains the refusal of cosmetics, solarium, visit the baths and saunas. For up to a week to be sure to wash the face and cleanse the skin, mild antiseptic.

The results of the procedure

How it works

If handling is carried out professionally, and all of the recommendations are satisfied, after a week of the rind from microburn retire. In their place remains elastic and smooth skin without the damage and scarring.

One or more sessions only with the Plasma-liner, and in combination with other services of cosmetology - will save you from:

  • above the century - the appliance is suitable for a blepharoplasty non-surgical;
  • small and partially deep wrinkles;
  • neoplasms such as warts, papillomas, moles;
  • scars, post-acne, on the body also can get rid of stretch marks;
  • the vascular network;
  • age spots and freckles;
  • failed permanent make-up;
  • sagging skin.

Of course, each body in the event the effect will be individual. But in most cases, this simple procedure gives a considerable surrounding live, which persists for a long time.


Do not go plasma facial rejuvenation when there is a limited number of diseases. Contraindications of the procedure, especially when compared with the likes of, a little, and the majority of people not trekking beautician.

The manipulation is not for you, if you:

  • serious cardiovascular disease;
  • problems of the circulation of the blood;
  • epilepsy;
  • the tendency to excessive scarring of the tissues;
  • inflammation, violation of the integrity of the skin in the area of impact of the apparatus;
  • malignancies in the place of treatment;
  • a pacemaker, halter, and metal plants;
  • any bleeding, including menstrual.

Also from sessions, it is advisable to give up the pregnancy.