RUSSIAN federation-the lifting face cost, where to do?

RUSSIAN federation-lifting is an integrated method to rejuvenate and thermolift, based on the exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation on the skin. The procedure is performed on a special machine, that controls the degree of radiation in different zones, dosed while those or other layers of the skin.

The result is aimed to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, improving the saturation of the cells of the skin is enriched with oxygen and lymph flow, promotes toxins and waste. The effect of the procedure — improvement of color and of the skin, increase the tone and elasticity of the skin, the disappearance of the "moves" of the facial features.


The types of RF-lifting

  • Bipolar — the most soft and gentle method of correcting age-related changes. Warm up the tissues of the skin only at 45 degrees, missing the magnetic field (as when monopolar). The sensation of pain during the procedure the damaged.
  • Monopolar — thus unfolds RF-lifting once. Not only has a rejuvenating effect, and well with the body fat and manifestations of cellulite on the hips and abdomen, is harmless to the body.
  • Tripolar — an innovative type of procedure, involving the participation of different electrodes in the process, which provides for the continuous passage of the poles. During this procedure, the RUSSIAN federation-energy acts in different depths of the skin. This technique combines all the advantages of the previous.

Depending on the objectives and the scope of application of RF-lifting, the specialist selects the appropriate type of procedure.


  • The lack of allergic reactions.
  • Thanks to the exposure of the machine RF-lifting, directly at the problem areas, we activate the energy, without causing side effects.
  • The result of the procedure once evident.
  • Absolutely eliminated skin burns, as well as the reaction takes place only between the epidermis and the dermis and the muscle tissue in the process is not involved.
  • The absence of the pain of a method (does not require the use of anesthesia).
  • The lack of scars, scars.
  • There is no need of special preparation period and a long period of rehabilitation.
  • Works in any area (face, tummy, neck, thighs, arms).
  • No risk of infection.
  • A combination with other anti-aging effects cosmetology procedures.
  • High accuracy allows you to drive impact for a certain stretch, with the surrounding areas are not affected.

The procedure of preparation

  • need in the area of behaviours of manipulation, carefully clean the skin;
  • it is not recommended before the procedure of application of creams and cosmetic products;
  • men, if RF-lifting takes place on the face prior to the procedure for the beard;
  • you need to remove the decoration and remove contact lenses.

How it works the machine of the RUSSIAN federation-lifting?

The lower and medium layers of the skin are the fibers of collagen — the elastic substance, one of the functions that a software of skin tone. The collagen fibers of the filament can be compared to the soft, tissue in the tissue of the skin. Are their that ensures elegance and the elasticity of young skin. With age the collagen production decreases. Skin, without support in the form of wires, melts, appear in the folds and wrinkled mesh.

the procedure

The lifting (RF-lifting) acts on the protein fibers, which under the high temperature (about 60 - 65) is reduced, and the spiral curl — because of this, you get an immediate lifting effect. In addition to this, there is the stimulation of the immune system, which starts working to double the volume. When you activate the production of elastin and collagen. The skin becomes more elastic, wrinkles are reduced, increases the tone of the skin. In this case, unlike gives similar results to methods of operation, the lift does not leave scars or stitches. The procedure is absolutely safe for the skin vulnerable and has zero carcinogenic effect.

The result after the procedure thermolift

The appearance of wrinkles and ptosis in the gravitational pull – the result of age-related changes of the skin. RUSSIAN federation-the lifting (lifting) – this method is the hardware, which also resolves the following issues:

  • Lifting face oval, including the removal of "double chin", and promotes the elimination of ptosis (omission of the skin);
  • The elimination of "bags" under the eyes and dark circles, as well as the improvement of the microcirculation, which illuminates the skin of the face;
  • The removal of the body fat and lifting of the body: the abdomen, the area of the thighs and buttocks;
  • Improves the condition of the skin, cellulite, align, stretch marks (striae). In an area where the coverage of the skin is very thin (arms, legs, neck, decollete), strengthens and firms the skin;
  • The lifting of the eyelids and the removal of expression wrinkles;
  • Reduction of deep wrinkles, including nasolabial, in the area of the eyes and the deep wrinkles on the forehead.

The procedures RF-lifting

The advantage of RF-lifting from other hardware techniques that the result is visible quite quickly, already after 1-2 procedures full of the same effect can be obtained when it takes place from the 5 sessions. After you have finished the course, occurs the increase of processes of regeneration and renewal of cells, and continues in the period of six months. Usually the effect of the procedure lasts up to two years, but to keep the result, it is recommended to go once every six months for the procedure.

Before starting the procedure, the doctor-beautician causes on the skin a cooling gel. If the patient has an increase in pain threshold, before beginning the procedure by applying a local anesthetic. After this specialist begins with the help of a device produces the treatment of the problem area. The procedure lasts from 15 minutes to 2 hours. This depends on the volume of the treated area. The number of sessions you can increase or decrease, but the final decision belongs only to the doctor.


After the procedure, the client is not recommended for 1-2 weeks, attend the hot sauna, the Turkish bath, or sunbathe on the beach or in the solarium. Even doctors will not recommend in this active period of sports or physical exercise.

Possible side effects

If the collaboration of lifting plays a professional who focuses on quality modern hardware, the side effects are virtually eliminated. In rare cases, you may experience a small experience swelling and redness, and for two days they disappear.

It is recommended after the procedure to avoid:

  • excursions, sauna, steam bath;
  • physical effort;
  • ultraviolet rays.

The lifting of the RUSSIAN federation-lifting — what is the difference?

The lifting is still called thermal. He also relies on radio wave radiation. Many people think that the collaboration of the lifting and thermage the same thing, but there are a number of differences:

  • differ exposure temperature: when thermas, the skin is heated up to 60° c, and, when radio wave lifting - up to 40° C;
  • unlike RF-lifting, when thermas the structure of the collagen molecules changes completely;
  • the frequency and intensity of current: method thermolift suggests work monopolar high-frequency energy, while radio wave lifting is much weaker.

Tool for thermolift must be equipped with special cooling devices to prevent burns of the epidermis.

How great is the need of procedures?

To obtain consistent results, it is recommended that, regardless of the condition of the skin, to the RUSSIAN federation - lift 6-8 times (interval of 10-12 days). Already after the first treatment notice the first changes visible. After 21 days, it will start a comprehensive process of rejuvenation, when it starts it activates the production of collagen. To maintain the effect, after all, the course of procedures, you need to go to a studio, beautician once or twice a year.