How to rejuvenate the facial skin at home

The appearance of wrinkles, exceptional the age of a mature woman – a process equally natural and inevitable. Prevention is impossible, however, there are many ways to help slow down the aging of the skin.

You modern women who do not want to bear premature the beginning of old age, there is the possibility of choice: you can do this with the help of a wide range of cosmetic products, recipes, popular cosmetics, gymnastics for the face, as well as procedures of cosmetology, do that now at home.

How to rejuvenate the face in the house

There is a strong belief that the rejuvenation of the face – a process that requires large material costs, and the same amount of time. This belief is true only in the case in which, if it is a visit to beauty salons or payment services of professionals.

If you do skin rejuvenation with your own strength, easy to do in reverse: components allowed scrubs and masks are available and inexpensive, and the duration of the procedures is not so great. In addition, at any time convenient for this time.


So, what kind of animals ways to rejuvenate the face, there are modern beauties?

  • The execution of face masks, peelings and scrubs, whose composition is made with its own forces. Mask smoothes already available shallow wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new, and also improve the contour of the face, the skin tightening. Scrubs and exfoliation, make it easier to exfoliate the skin dead epithelial cells, substantially accelerate the process of updating the epidermic layers.
  • With the help of contrast tablets herbal can be perfectly clean the skin, restoring the lost freshness and radiance.
  • Self-massage of the face, helps to improve the lymph and circulation, provide the skin cells of a further quantity of nutrients, it will produce a lifting effect and will help you to get rid of puffiness, wrinkles, fleet, and deep folds of the skin. In other words, massage is a great way to exercise age-correction of facial contours.
  • Wiping the face with ice cubes cosmetic – a rejuvenating procedure, which has practically the effect is immediate.
  • Animal sessions microcurrent therapies carried out with the help of the cd, home appliance, able to slow down the formation of wrinkles, improving skin tone, reduce the swelling of tissues and adjust the oval of the face.

In the pursuit of youth and beauty, all means are good! I think many women, in front of the disappointing signs of age changes on her face.


The main advantages of using popular recipes beauty, are the following moments:

  • The availability of components that make them up: they are, usually, there are in each kitchen and in the pharmacy.
  • Cost-effectiveness of the ingredients used, is not comparable with the cost of ready cosmetics.
  • To prepare potions are used only natural products, containing only useful for the skin of the substances (unlike industrial cosmetics, teeming with preservatives, dyes).
  • The woman, alone, thrown to the composition, there is the possibility to choose exactly the recipe, which is perfect for his body and gives the possibility to avoid the occurrence of garbage of an allergic reaction.
  • Perform treatments, anti-aging can be in that moment, when this is particularly necessary and convenient.

Skin care

In the body of a woman, over the age of 13 years, are activated, the mechanisms of aging of the skin: hyaluronic acid production is gradually beginning to diminish, it loses the humidity, the skin gradually loses and the subcutaneous fat. Accordingly, on the surface appears to be lightweight sweater wrinkles on the face.

Slow down the speed of this process will help you daily complex treatment procedures with the use of tonics and moisturizers.

  • The washing procedure, which should start every morning, is designed to clean the skin and prepare it for applying makeup. Normal tap water contains chlorine, this is not suitable. Owners of dry skin type best to use for this cleansing milk or lotion. Ideal for the cleaning of the girls with normal or oily skin, or mild, or mineral (without gas), water. In the absence of such can use pre-filtered water is boiled.
  • For toning your skin you can use a tonic, chosen for your skin type, lotion for the kitchen. To free up the face to shine, simply wipe it with slightly fermented green tea with a dash of lemon juice. Before applying the cream, clean the face of a cube of ice made from the decoction of herbs or natural berries fruit juice. After such a manipulation, the tone of the skin increases, and the pores foods suzyatsya.
  • Moisturizer must choose not only the type of skin, but also on the basis of age. During the spring and summer before leaving home is advisable to use a cream that contains UV filters, protects the skin from the dry exposure to the sun's rays.
  • To moisturize the skin, it is necessary for the entire day to spray, or thermal, or mineral water.
  • In the evening hours for the care of the skin of the face, you'll need a little more time. First of all, must necessarily be removed from the face makeup residue. Often done with the use of gel or foam for the dry. Thirty years of beauty you can use a special water: contains no alcohol, does not dry the skin.
  • For a deep cleansing and skin purification, it is necessary to perform regular exfoliation, using as a purchase and scrubs home made. Thanks to this procedure, the skin not only free from particles of epithelium, but acquires an additional tone through a better blood circulation. After the peeling, the surface of the skin and once smoothed, the skin begins to shine. Oily skin needs exfoliation at least twice a week, dry – not more than twice a month. The efficiency of peeling can be significantly improved, pre-steam the skin.
  • After the procedure of removing makeup on the face you should apply any cream or a special oil. If the skin is inflamed or on it are pimples, you can use the tool that contains salicylic acid.


The most simple, accessible and is the most popular method of facial rejuvenation is the creation of masks. Before their execution, a person must be of good quality steam (that is, increase the anti-aging effect).

Willing to make in a saucepan, nettles or chamomile, and by adding the broth a few drops of essential oil (for normal skin ideal type of geranium oil, fat – camphor oil dry – shea butter), leaning on her, covering her head with a towel. The duration of the steam cooking – no more than a quarter of an hour. To avoid burns, it should not be too low tilt your head.

  • Taking a glass with a little lukewarm milk, add in flour to get a creamy substance. Driving a yolk of an egg and ambient temperature stirring well to the resulting substance, apply on clean face. After waiting for twenty minutes, wash the mask with water to which has been added the juice of a fresh lemon.
  • Owners of very dry skin, tried to get rid of shallow wrinkles, it is sufficient to prepare potatoes the mask. Cook a couple of large potatoes, and them immediately knead until puree state and the form of heat is applied to the skin of the face. After 20 minutes, wash off with comfortable water.
  • Beautiful toning action that helps to smooth wrinkles, has a form of medicinal herbs. Before herbal leaf of strawberry, plantain, yarrow, blackcurrant and lime, taken in equal proportion. Eight tablespoons dessert of raw materials prepared to pour a lot of boiling water to obtain a viscous paste. After its application, the drug for a quarter of an hour applied on the skin of the face and neck. For rinsing use cold water.
  • Effectively smooth skin, along the road, exercising soft exfoliating action, it helps the mask quince ripe. Rubbed on a fine grater, is applied on the clean skin of the face. After an exposure of the fruit to a pulp rinse with lukewarm water, on the face and applied a bit of moisturizer.
  • Tonic has a composition based on the spoon of yeast and the mixture of hot milk, honey and flax seed oil, taken a teaspoon.
  • For an effective anti-wrinkle it is possible to prepare a mask of a spoon of sour cream and a mixture of lemon juice and honey take their should be a small spoon).


Prolong the youthfulness of the face is possible with the help of a revitalizing massage. The effect will be evident right from the start: depending on what state it was in the skin, you may need 15 to 30 sessions performed at least three times a week.

  • To perform massage you need to retire in a quiet room, choosing for this time that precedes the rest, of relaxation, for the skin of the face could take a rest after the procedure.
  • The pose of the woman, is responsible to perform a self-massage, should be comfortable, so she can sit on the bed or in an armchair, by putting in front of a large mirror, which allows us to consider the face, neck, and shoulders.
  • Wearing on the head, bezel, or elastic bandage, is necessary to remove the hair from the forehead, run the makeup remover and soft face peeling.
  • On the prepared face, it is applied a massage oil or hand cream: you need to get a easy slip of the fingers on the surface of the skin (this will prevent the stretching and injury).

Start a session of massage of the neck, gently smoothing out her movements directed from the bottom to the top. In particular, carefully work the area of education "fleet" – phase at the junction of the neck and chin.

Going to the cheeks, sweeping movements of the hands, such as iron, smooth the skin. Following the exposure becomes linear: by pressing gently on the skin, pass the fingers, the diagonal lines point from the center of the cheeks towards the temples.

With particular intensity begin the folds in the nose to the lip, but the area around the eyes you need to massage with extreme caution.

Caress the skin in these places engaged in more moderate – without – fingers.
The skin on the forehead before they start as an iron and ironing movements of the hands, after that switch to linear movements of the fingers, and guided by the line of the eyebrows, up to the border of the hair. Massage the nose, which consists of the movement of the thumb from the tip to the point between the eyebrows, make the last time.

The main condition for a rejuvenating massage treatment: attention to every area of the face, because the local rejuvenation simply impossible.

Exercises of gymnastics for the face

Exercises for the face, often called facebuilding to come to the aid of women who have not had the opportunity to attend expensive beauty salons and buy expensive products and cosmetic products, to preserve her youth and beauty.
The effectiveness of the anti-aging of gymnastics is so high, which is often called surgical ritocchini. Without going into a long reasoning, to describe the main exercises designed for different muscles and areas of the face.

  1. Exercise to strengthen the muscles. Slowly, as if pronouncing the sound "o", pull the lips. After reaching the maximum pull of the lips, to open them. The first time you are limited to two repetitions. Every day you add one at a time is repeated.
  2. Exercise for the eyes no. 1. Close your eyes, hold the head immobile. Run ten laps of the eyes first in clockwise and then in the opposite direction. Exercise for the eyes no. 2. Closing his eyes, the smile as widely as possible. After this, draw the "mask of sadness" and, further down, lowering the corners of the lips. The alternation of smiles and mask must be repeated at least five times.
  3. Exercise to strengthen the chin. Pull forward on the chin, also involved in the mouth, and teeth clenching his bottom lip with the force that moves the lower jaw to the left and to the right. Do five repetitions.
  4. The exercise of the wrinkles on the forehead. Firmly grasp the front of the palms of the hands so as to completely cover up the border of the hair. Close your eyes and, without straining the eyelids, rotate eyeballs clockwise and anti-clockwise (for five times in each direction).
  5. Exercise helps to improve the oval of the face and get rid of the "fleet". Inflate the cheeks, count to five, and very slowly release the air. Perform at least ten repetitions.
  6. Exercise wrinkles. The more bend the head backwards. Relax the muscles of the neck, widely open the mouth. Making a real effort, stretching the chin and neck muscles, slowly lift the lower jaw. Sign the cessation of this movement is the time, when the lower lip to ignore the top. Repeat five times.
    Before you perform anti-aging exercises is necessary to clean the skin of the face. The exercise you must do, sitting in front of the mirror (on a chair or gym ball). At the end of the exercise, again clean the face, because the exercises stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid, cause sweat, and can be accompanied by occlusion of the pores.

Help oils

Natural oils that help to counteract the action of free radicals (produced in the skin in the beings due to the influence of ultraviolet rays), apply in the house of cosmetology and wellness, nutrition, hydration and cleansing of the skin.

For the rejuvenation of the face is more often used oil-based peach, and grape seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, peach, wheat germ and sea buckthorn.

the application of masks