Devices for the rejuvenation of the face – or do I deceive procedures

Keep the skin elastic and warn his aging at home is possible. Information on the choice of cosmetics and cooking recipes the miracle of masks, creams abound, and the beauty treatment will replace the device for the rejuvenation of the face.

A little house the cosmetology and

Alternative I fooled procedures - home hardware cosmetology

Thanks to the development of cosmetology, women can carry out treatments for facial rejuvenation at home.

  • Convenient especially for those who, because of a great work can not devote much time visiting beauty salons. In every free moment to go ahead with the procedure.
  • Beneficial – visit the salons and pay for services you do not need enough time to spend for the purchase of the device.
  • Effective – devices for the rejuvenation of the house are identical to the operation of equipment in a beauty salon. In addition, their size for services are decreased. It remains the case for small – purchase of special equipment.

Variety of devices

There is a wide choice of equipment for domestic use. They are differentiated on the basis of the principle of impact on the coverage of the skin:

  • Devices low-frequency useful treatment beauty facial rejuvenation low frequency current, it is possible to perform by yourself;
  • Laser to point of impact, carried out laser beams;
  • Ultrasound – pleasant lessons ultrasound massages are performed, not out of the house;
  • Rf – skin rejuvenation you get the influence of radio waves frequency. The methodology of the Russian federation-lifting about 15 years, but enjoys great popularity among the women;
  • Therapy equipment with ion and ozone therapy – an update and have been filled with epithelial cells and oxygen constituents.
Achieve the results of rejuvenation and regeneration of the dermis can be only in respect of the recommendations and of the recommendations of the manufacturer, with regular use, and combined with a concentrate of vitamins, cosmetics, or media specialist for these procedures.

The leading companies-manufacturers of equipment

  1. The company GEZATONE presents a wide range of equipment for the rejuvenation of the face, with which the creation of a massage directly at home without any problems. One of the best and the most popular variants of a product considered to be BioSonic 2000. Is a ultrasound device multifunctional that will provide peeling, massage, takes away the swelling and tighten the tissues of the face.
  2. "Home electroplating" - a car that combines the performance of procedures of rejuvenation of the 4 modes: cleansing, massage, nutrition and pulling upward. Characteristic of the further elimination of toxins from the epithelial cells with the aid of ions with a positive charge.
  3. DEZAC RIO – the products of the company will return the youth skin is dry, tighten, and adjust the contours of the face. Other features – the delicate how to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the body.
  4. NEWA – to solve the defects of the skin are used the waves of radio frequency. An effective anti-wrinkle, improving and smoothing the face, stimulation of the synthesis of the collagen fibers is guaranteed with the products of the company NEWA.

Spot for the face – secret device rejuvenation

A niche in hardware rejuvenation care technique, the famous French physiologist Jacques D'arsonval. On the basis of rejuvenation of the put variable, the impulsive current. Effective device Darsonval from wrinkles, puffiness and with the presence of excess fat tissue on the face. Acne breakouts, post acne. Scars and scars – also in virtue of a device for Spot.

Popularity technique progresses every day. The narrowing of the pores, normalization of metabolic processes, increase the tone of blood vessels and of the skin, smoothing the morphology of the face and the resolution of inflammatory acne defects can be observed already after the first cycle of treatment.

The course darsonvalizations includes 10 sessions, the duration of each session 15 minutes. In a year is run 3 to 4 course.

Tips for home darsonvalizations

  1. Before a session remove metal jewelry.
  2. Only use special lotions and transport, do not contain alcohol. This serves to prevent injury during the procedure.
  3. The electrode device is managed by the alcohol and is inserted in the machine.
  4. Moisten skin lotion for oily skin type of skin is in dust.
  5. To avoid sparks, hold the electrode at the base of a finger and eliminates the need to touch other people and objects in metal.
  6. The device Spots to the face, studied every phase of the skin. Scars, scars, or wrinkles require a long exposure. The actions are sent along the massage lines.
  7. Necessarily make a break between the sessions, lasting at least 24 hours.

An integrated approach

For an effective rejuvenating action of a machine is not enough. Adjust the power supply and the care of the skin. For example, the morning exercises to rejuvenate, and in the evening - hardware impact.

Do not forget creams. Just the lifting cream to accelerate the return of the youth and the beauty of the face. The area around the eyes requires special attention. Note that the dermis in this area thinner and more delicate.

Home cosmetics based on herbs, gently nourishes the cells natural trace elements.