Rejuvenation in the home: how to quickly rejuvenate the skin

Rejuvenation at home

Good day and good day to you, my dear readers! I admit, I don't like to look at for his age. If someone (even after a sleepless night, unreal fatigue, or unwanted emotional upheaval) gives me my forty or so, for me, is a serious reason. Reason for doing them, and with great zeal run "back to the future".

When my honest answer to the question on age, I see a reaction of the type "can't be!", also for me it is a reason. Reason to get even more amazing results. The word, solid reasons.

A little bit of physiology of the skin

Our skin is nourished primarily not outside, but within. Of course, a healthy diet for a beautiful skin is extremely important, but now is not this.

Nutrients to the skin, provides the blood. You don't mind that skin without a good supply of blood does not seem too good to be true? Remember that color has a hand that is "lain". And if the continuous flow of blood to the leather leaves much to be desired? Yes, there is no cream!

And now - attention! - after a certain age, 90-95 % of women leaves much to be desired. The remaining 5-10 % of the women on it are constantly at work. Someone with the help of expensive beauty salons and beauticians, and someone in the house.

The good news is that you can easily enter in this few-a group of beauties, who are not ashamed of their age. And what shy-one - that no one gives!

And still - for a skin from the appearance incredibly important lymphoid fluid. The lymph is a colourless liquid, which we are accustomed to call sacchive. I'm not going to list all of its functions, I only say that you connect the blood and tissues of the body, is involved in the removal of toxins and, alas, very often stagnates. Externally, this results in swelling, which with age tends to intensify.

The reasons are many, but most of them you can eliminate. Let's start with this.

The first way: hot

drink small, constant sips

I can do an almost intimate question: when was the last time that you have sweated all over the body? And, as often happens to you? If once every few days or less, then you probably have a lot of toxins, and stagnation of the lymph.

Unfortunately, people sweat very rarely. I remind you of the words of Oleg Honour, who repeats them on every occasion: "Once a day you have to sweat". Agree, Oleg looks much younger. And in this great merit, his simple recipe.

Of course, for your perfect appearance, if every day you sweat with the help of exercise. Well, if 1-2 times a week will be steam. But often what is, for many feasible difficulties. So what to do?

I share the secret.

You will need 0.5-0.6 litres of hot water (but not burning, if you dip your finger in the water, it will be hot, but bearable - in short, a little more than 40 degrees). This water is necessary to drink in small, constant sips and cover easy to sweat.

Incredible, but most of the morning to edema you can take this simple action. And some of it will not be without them. Then the shower or dry and fresh skin raised skin guaranteed.

I will say more: breathability gives not only the external but also the internal effect of rejuvenation. The lymphatic system is activated, the toxins leave the skin. This is a short-term physical stress to the body, which is very useful. Yes, and for weight loss so the reception will be welcome - water reduces appetite, cleanses, helps to rid the intestines.

Well to perform the procedure with the morning. In the morning we should compensate for the lack of water after the night, which can be up to 1.5 litres (it is true, the average is 0.6-1 litre).

And do not say is to drink lots of water once. Drink!!! If it is so scary, it starts from 0.3 liters of (but there is no guarantee that sudiate, no). But the precise day able to drink the required to half a liter.

Important! Do better on an empty stomach. When the stomach is free, the water leaves very quickly, not stretched.

Test. The first time it may seem that it is not very nice. But then it becomes a habit, and also enjoy. By the way, the hot water is able to wake up the most effective coffee is I as an avid coffee-lover, I say). That, however, all natural - as you can sweat and not wake up?

Method two: oily

As-during a meeting with a friend, who I never saw, asked me: "Who are you in the face? Nor a wrinkle! I already have very expensive creams had too much to drink". I have to say that this was the period of my continue nedosypy the young son of 4 months I have not slept too well. Yet I received this question-a compliment.

Answer: the "smear" butter - especially olive or almond.

The second way lamaslany

And I do it 5-6 times a week instead of cream in the morning. In the end, the skin looks smooth, silky and hydrated. And the effect was immediate. And now a little bit more.

The fact is that you simply spread a good oil, but not enough. The oil nourishes, but does not hydrate. Moisturizes the skin with water only or its derivatives (e.g., herbal teas), the oil creates a film that retains moisture on the skin.

So I first clean the skin ice decoction of chamomile, then on the moist skin and put the oil. Often also moisten your hands with water, and on again, once the oil. Then carefully I'm getting wet leather, cleaning cloth - of course, after the procedure should not shine.

You can then apply the cream, but I do, especially in the summer, by using lighter cream with sun protection factor. In the winter they are also, sometimes, I put the cream over the oil, but rarely. And it is always a good market for national brands. However, occasionally I get questions, similar to what he did a friend of mine. Then, the method works, and how!

By the way, to protect your skin from the sun you have always - and winter is no exception. Therefore, the solar effect of the olive oil will be very useful. Yes, yes, it has a SPF factor of 4-6. Not a lot, but for our gloomy winter, this is often sufficient.

The cost of the oil compared to the price of creams is minimal. I buy a bottle of cold pressed oil (the so-called Extra-virgin) 0.5 liters, and grabs me for at least 9-10 months, and then because I sometimes I add the butter in salads.

A small note on the hair. Apply the oil on hair - a popular remedy to take care of them. And running, among other things, the instrument. But if you "butter" is still wet, dried hair, the effect will only be a luxury!

In general, judging by the reviews, the oil - one of the best ways to maintain youthfulness, not to leave the house. But here are pro mandatory the presence of moisture under him know him in a few. Then, use and to decorate the world!

And that there oil has the circulation of the blood lymphatic circulation case, now you understand.

Method three: stroking

the mini version

The mini version

If you have a little time, then the oil can be applied for 1-2 minutes like a normal cream with a light massage (in a few words, light strokes) the massage lines. Are on the image below:

Finish the massage with a good reception, which is called "fingerpicking shower". This tapping with the fingertips on the entire surface of the face, neck and décolleté. Also, the skin around the eyes is pampered with the fingers - because we are touching slightly, without boost.

This, incidentally, is very nice. This is what I do "shower", times day by day, even over makeup (clean hands, of course). Psyche relaxes, and the skin - very sparkly.


And, finally, to share another way of massaging the face, which I use often. It is a normal shower. It is true, there are nuances.

Massaging the face shower need, by directing the jet from the bottom to the top. This is a must! So they are not able to damage the face, even if you do not know, nor a massage line.

The temperature of the water is desirable to cool, but still comfortable. The head of the water - enough, I do the maximum (it is true, the shower can have a too strong water jets, and then follow his feelings). Duration 5 minutes, until the tide of blood to the skin. The feeling that the person comes to life. And in the mirror see confirmation 🙂

The massage with the good soul to make courses 10-15 daily routine.

Agree, this is elementary, as all that is listed above. Try the effect of my small program of rejuvenation visible almost immediately. And while your efforts will only increase. It's so nice to - do, and receive visible live. And no matter how many people in the passport - to- 35, 40, 50 or more of these numbers have to do with her. I sincerely hope fast and beautiful change!

I believe that, once again, back to the theme of rejuvenate without expensive special equipment, because it is interesting for many. And don't forget to share the article with your friends - don't be afraid compliments sufficient for all 🙂 When a woman helps the other, the lady increase its attractiveness, is only more beautiful. The mystical, tested it out on himself

Be charming, and the next installment, my dear!