Ways to restore skin vitality at home

Any woman can significantly improve the skin condition without having to go to a beauty salon every day and spend half of her budget on skin care. Let's take a look at the most effective way to restore skin vitality at home.

Ways to rejuvenate the skin at home

Proper and balanced nutrition (not a diet, but a nutritional system, which should be emphasized), drinking enough fluids (better than pure water), masks, massage, facial reshaping, walking in fresh air and sports.

Effective ways to rejuvenate the skin

Of course the beauty of the skin starts from the inside, but external skin care is very important. This can be seen in the example of leather boots. In winter, you usually have to walk on snow, walk in reagents, mud, and puddles.

If you try to put shoe polish on only one boot, clean it every night, and then reapply shoe polish-then it will be in good condition for a long time. The heel will wear out, or the heel must be replaced, and the leather of the boot will hardly change. The unattended skin on the other boot will harden, harden, or even crack or crack in some places. The same is true for human skin.

The method of skin rejuvenation at home "from the inside out" includes a balanced diet: you cannot completely give up vegetable oil, because it is rich in the most important antioxidant-vitamin E, even if you follow the diet, it should be in the menuAdd fatty fish, plenty of vegetables, fruits and herbs, grains and legumes, rich in fiber.

Green tea is extremely beneficial to the skin. Drinking too much coffee, or even drinking three more cups of coffee a day, in addition, usually in the afternoon will make the skin white, tired, peeling.

Coffee cannot be completely ruled out, but there are some usage rules to avoid negative effects on health and beauty:

  1. You should only drink high-quality freshly ground coffee (brewed in a coffee machine or ground into a fine powder).
  2. Coffee is only beneficial if you drink it in the morning and eliminate it completely in the afternoon. Although you often want to drink some coffee in the late afternoon, it has a negative impact on sleep, cardiovascular and nervous systems, which in turn affects skin conditions. After drinking coffee at night, acne will appear on the skin, and there will be signs of fatigue, and the complexion will fade.
  3. Drinking one or two cups of coffee a day is enough.

Drinking coffee in moderation is a good antidepressant. It is a stimulant that can increase intelligence and improve memory. It has many positive characteristics, so you should not give up at all. But the measures are good in all aspects.

Sugar should be completely eliminated. Or as much as possible. Sugar can cause skin aging-this is a scientific fact. Since the increase in glucose content in the blood in the body triggers the aging process of cells, the skin will produce substances that destroy its structure.

Salt will retain fluid and cause edema, so it is worth limiting the amount in the diet. It is especially worth giving up unnatural and fatty sweets, foods containing electronic components, various additives and flavoring agents, and dyes.

In order to keep your skin young and elastic for many years, you should not neglect any sports activities such as skating in winter, running and cycling in summer, dancing, and walking. All of these improve blood circulation, make people feel happy, and improve the function of internal organs. The work of the heart, liver and kidneys has a direct impact on skin conditions.

Massage and facial mask will help you rejuvenate at home.

Skin rejuvenation massage at home

You can use a vacuum tank, electric massager, soak your fingertips with olive oil (or any other kind), and massage manually. And devices that affect the skin through micro current, ultrasound, and electrical current. They are commercially available and any woman can afford them.

Exposing it to the skin with electric current will increase the level of moisture inside the skin, stimulate the production of collagen, make the skin smooth, and improve its color, bulk and tone. Devices that use ultrasound to act on the skin can significantly exfoliate dead cells (itself makes it look younger), even eliminate skin tone, and tighten pores.

After ultrasound examination, masks and creams with moisturizing, rejuvenating and rejuvenating effects are much more effective.

Vacuum cupping massage provides excellent visible skin rejuvenation. This massage can improve skin nutrition, moisturize from the inside, and stimulate cell renewal. In addition, this massage can also promote the growth of new capillary networks deep in the skin, which is very important for a good blood supply and smoothing wrinkles. The edema and edema disappeared.

The size of the bank should be the smallest, and you should drive along the massage lines (from the chin, the arc extends up to the ears, from the tip of the nose to the temples, etc. ), these lines are rising. Bank massage is best done with oil. Peach, almond, jojoba oil, sea buckthorn, coconut are all great.

The choice of oil depends on the needs of the skin, but it is not important-any oil will work, even ordinary sunflowers in every household. By the way, although sunflower is the cheapest, it is not worse than any other sunflower. It is rich in vitamin E, which can perfectly nourish and moisturize the skin.

Peel, mask, scrub can restore the vitality of facial skin

Peel, mask, scrub can be prepared independently, and its quality will greatly exceed the purchased products. In addition, cosmetics formulated at home will not contain harmful preservatives, electronic components and harmful substances; such cosmetics are not harmful to pregnant women.

In addition, since the cost of masks and scrubs has been greatly saved, you can buy a truly high-quality and effective face cream by yourself, regardless of its cost.

Ways to rejuvenate the skin at home-potato starch, carrot juice and sour cream mask can smooth wrinkles well. These ingredients should be mixed in equal parts and the mask should remain on the skin for about half an hour. The mask can smooth wrinkles, nourish, strengthen the skin, make the skin white and plump.

Egg white or egg yolk mask has an excellent effect on the skin tone and complexion. The egg yolk-based mask can perfectly restore the skin, improve the complexion, nourish and smooth wrinkles. You can add honey, a few drops of lemon, rosemary or vitamins (A, E) to the egg yolk mask, depending on the needs of the skin. The protein-based mask can tighten pores and has a lifting effect.

Masks made of white clay, diluted with water or sour cream, have proven to be excellent. If the mask is suitable for dry skin, wrinkled skin, it is best to dilute the clay with sour cream. With exfoliating effect, the clay will whiten, clean the skin, saturate the skin with trace elements and tighten pores. After applying the mask, the cream can "work" more effectively.

The way to rejuvenate the skin at home-an excellent scrub effect is to mix coffee grounds and honey, salted honey, oatmeal and yogurt into two halves.

Special exercises-facial reshaping will help the skin deform, restore youthful, elastic and radiant skin, and tighten the skin like plastic surgery. After all, the face, like the body, has developed muscles, which can make you look younger and more attractive. As we all know, people who engage in sports have more elastic skin. On the contrary, people who do not like sports have loose bodies and light gray skin.

The same thing happens on the face. By training the muscles, sufficient blood can be provided to the skin, and the muscle frame can tighten and "fix" it so that it will not sag due to folds and wrinkles.

Ways to rejuvenate the skin at home-exercise

For various muscles and facial areas, there are a lot of exercise methods, and there are also methods to correct facial defects (lip augmentation, nose shape improvement, double chin elimination, etc. ), but let us focus on the main methods:

  1. Since there are no people older than the betrayer who is older than the area around the eyes (swollen or loose eyelids), this exercise can be considered the most important item in facial repair. To exercise, you need to place your middle finger on the bridge of your nose and your index finger on a point on the outer corner of your eyelid. Then, it is necessary to firmly tighten the upper eyelid and then pull it up. You need to feel a strong sense of tension, then relax your eyelids, and then tighten again-this must be repeated ten times. This exercise relieves the burden of eye bags, raises eyebrows (dropped eyebrows make the face tired, sad and old), and smooths crow's feet
  2. The following exercise will help remove the "double chin" and improve the oval shape of the face: to open the mouth, you need to pull the corners of the lips (like trying to stretch them to the ears). Then, press the lower lip tightly on the teeth, it is necessary to wrap it on the teeth, and then press the upper lip on the upper teeth. Raise and lower the lower jaw, and keep the corners of the lips, feel the tension of the jaw muscles and concentrate.
  3. In order to round the sunken cheeks, this exercise will help: similar to the previous exercise, pull the corners of the lips (open the mouth), and then use your fingertips (place them on the corners of the lips) to pull the cheeks, I feel nervous. At the same time, make circular movements with your fingers.

  4. To smooth the nasolabial folds, you can do this exercise: open your mouth, then open your mouth like an oval, and try to lift the tip of your nose. Then lower the upper lip and try to stretch the smile with only the upper lip (while the lower lip stays still). Every time you "smile", it is important to lift the tip of your nose and move your fingers along the nasolabial fold to stimulate blood circulation.
  5. To improve the shape of your lips, enlarge your lips slightly and smooth out wrinkles, you should perform the following exercises: place your finger between the upper and lower lips, try to squeeze it like a pencil, feel the muscle tension and push the lips forward slightly.
  6. To improve the shape of the nose (make the nose look thinner and more beautiful, and its tip will not stretch with age), you need to lift the tip of the nose with your index finger, and then press the upper lip on the teeth, Lower the tip of the nose and feel a strong tension.

Each of these exercises must be repeated 30 times a day to get results! The home remedy for exercise to rejuvenate the skin will take no more than 15 minutes, but it is worth it!

In short, it should be noted that nothing is older than negative emotions, destructive feelings, depression, lack of personal life. Love is a huge motivation to find and feel great. Sometimes, you just need to fall in love to start melting excess weight, smoothing your wrinkles and sparkling eyes.

The method of skin rejuvenation at home is simple and affordable for everyone!