Rejuvenating facial serum: a must in your cosmetic bag

Tired of looking for a revival product that usually wastes money but has no results? Then it's time to learn about effective anti-aging serums! What type of ingredient it is, how it is different, how to choose the right ingredient and many other interesting information you will read here.

Understanding Whey

Effective serum for facial repair

Compared with cream, the content of active ingredients in serum has doubled.

Concentrated products or energy mixtures with high content of biologically active substances in liquid consistency are called serum or serum. Compared with cream, the active ingredients in cream have doubled. The most important feature of the product is the unique formula of the composition, which is almost completely absorbed by skin cells.

Due to this effect, the anti-aging serum has an immediate effect on the transformation of facial skin.

You can use them from the age of 25, as various types of serum are produced, designed to meet the skin needs of all age groups.

What is the difference

Many people don’t understand the difference between serum and ordinary cream or other cosmetics. They think this is another marketing strategy or a trick of a cunning manufacturer. They decide to increase it by releasing unknown novelties on the market. Soybean sales. In fact, there are indeed differences. They are as follows:

  • Serum is the most concentrated emulsion, which is full of various vital and bioactive ingredients.
  • The consistency of
  • is ​​achieved by allowing the active substance to penetrate into the skin structure quickly and deeply, and gradually release and perform tasks;
  • Compared with face cream, the content of
  • preservatives is much lower;
  • After using this product for the first time, your skin will have positive changes;
  • The consumption of these products is very small, because you need a few drops to take;
  • The composition is not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but also rich in active acids that trigger the cell regeneration process.

Their capabilities

The choice of these formulas is not based on the type of skin, but on the existing skin problems that need to be solved.

Anti-aging serum can:

  • Significantly restore the vitality of the epidermis, improve its quality and appearance;
  • Significantly tighten the aging and sagging skin that loses its elasticity.
  • Due to the high concentration of active ingredients, it can smooth small and medium-sized wrinkles and wrinkles.
  • Remove pigmentation and whiten the skin surface;
  • Anti-inflammatory reaction;
  • Strengthen small blood vessels and capillaries;
  • Eliminate dryness and tightness;
  • To increase the tone of the epidermis and local immunity.

General recommendations

How serum promotes facial rejuvenation

The beautician​​ recommends the following techniques:

  • Choose products based on skin problems that need to be corrected. It is wrong to choose serum according to the type of epidermis and ignore its defects;
  • Many manufacturers indicate the age range on the packaging, making it easier to browse when buying;
  • Due to the high concentration of active substances, these compositions can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, preliminary tests on the skin of the wrist area are required;
  • If you make a purchase after consulting a beautician or dermatologist, it will help you;
  • will carefully study the ingredients of the product according to the season, that is, lighter ingredients should be used in warmer seasons, and stronger ingredients should be used in colder seasons.
  • Apply the lotion in a minimum amount (drop by drop) only after thoroughly cleaning the skin surface. After 20 minutes, a layer of daily care cream can be applied to the skin.

Anti-aging serums can be used in the morning and evening because they have no time limit.

The serum must be applied to the previously cleaned skin.

How to use it correctly

In the morning and evening, taking the direction of the main massage line into consideration, apply the essence to the previously cleansed facial skin. In the morning, this cleansing method can be replaced by rubbing the skin with tonics. At night, you will need to spend more time to completely remove the makeup and dirt accumulated during the day.

The serum used immediately after peeling has the greatest effect, because the epidermis will be cleared of the dead cuticle, and the dead cuticle retains a part of the surface.

Read the following rules to understand its application:

  • Use gentle massage movements to wipe the serum, starting from the center of the frontal lobe, gradually moving to the temple, and then from the center to the auricle, then the nose, chin and neck to treat the cheek area.
  • The beautician recommends using the same manufacturer's cosmetic series because they usually complement each other, complement each other and help to obtain a more obvious anti-aging effect.
  • It is recommended to use this remedy during the course of 3 months of daily use, after which it is necessary to rest or change the manufacturer.
  • Do not exceed the dose, so as to avoid oversaturating the skin with active ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. Each bottle of this serum is specially equipped with a dispenser or pipette to ensure that the required amount of product (about 3-4 drops) is taken out.
  • Before use, please read the preparation instructions carefully, as some manufacturers recommend that the composition be carefully rubbed into the epidermis.
  • If you are using creams and creams, then you should definitely observe the interval between the two preparations, which lasts on average 5 to 10 minutes.
  • This type of skin rejuvenation serum should not be used more than 2 times a day. In this year, only 4 courses of treatment can be used at most, during which a mandatory rest period must be observed to make the skin rest and not adapt to the same ingredients.
  • It is allowed to use multiple active serums at once, but they must be applied to different parts of the face. It is best to do this after consulting and reaching an agreement with the beautician.

Matters needing attention

Any cosmetics must strictly abide by all manufacturer's instructions, therefore:

  • Serum for young epidermis is not suitable for aging skin;
  • Only regular use can provide long-lasting anti-aging effects;
  • In the presence of papilloma and vascular networks, such serums are not recommended because they will absorb the maximum amount of active nutrients, thereby stimulating further growth and increasing size.
  • If you have dark skin and do not want to change its color, it is best not to use serum, because it has a whitening effect;
  • Serum designed to improve and restore oval shape and facial contour is not recommended for use before the age of 35.

Best anti-aging serum rating

For those readers who want to choose a truly high-quality anti-aging serum, we give the following popularity ratings:

  1. Anti-stress serumFrom the first application, it can provide fresh, radiant and rested skin. It contains valuable amino acids, echium, and vegetable oil, which can instantly regulate and relieve daily stress. The medicine is packaged in individual ampoules, each of which is designed for 1 application. The entire application process is about 3 weeks. It is not recommended to use this serum for sensitive types of epidermis because it can cause irritation.
  2. ConcentrateIt is very popular because of its light texture, gel-like texture and rapid absorption without leaving marks and stickiness on the skin. After use, the skin immediately becomes firm, radiant and soft. The fine lines are smoothed and the skin is visibly tight.
  3. Recommend
  4. Skin Rejuvenation EssenceSuitable for all skin types, but very suitable for oily and combination epidermis. The drug can effectively smooth even obvious wrinkles, and is very economical to consume, because 1 application actually requires 2-3 drops.