The most effective facial rejuvenation mask at home

How to rejuvenate facial skin at home

Don't feed any girl with bread, just give me a chance to be a beauty! The young ladies really like the different colorful tubes, boxes, jars and bottles, and the contents assure them of eternal youth and extraordinary attraction. Masks are different in this care products company-after all, they open up a vast area for events! With the help of masks, you can moisturize the skin and reduce wrinkles, and model the contours of the face to give it freshness and radiance. . . Usually, you won't be bored with them!

DIY masks occupy a special place among them. They make you feel like a beautician and some witches with a wonderful potion. And, to be honest, a small amount of money should be saved for the family budget. Today, we will focus on such masks. That is, what anti-aging masks can be made at home and how to use them properly.

Beauty Laboratory

Of course, you need to choose an anti-aging mask according to your personal characteristics: age, skin type, allergy to any ingredient. However, there is nothing to worry about-everyone has enough rejuvenation formula!

The most popular ingredients for homemade masks are fruits and vegetables, oatmeal, honey and yeast. Therefore, before opening a "beauty salon" at home, you should first reserve it.

Also, it should be remembered that a rejuvenating mask cannot tolerate rush-you need to give yourself half an hour to calm down. You don’t need to wear borscht with a mask on your face, talk on the phone or prove to your husband emotionally that you desperately need a fifth pair of sandals. After all this. In the process of rejuvenation-complete relaxation and tranquility, maintain a positive mind and enjoy brisk music.

Also, the clarification of anti-aging masks may not be needed, because in fact all other anti-aging masks are made on clean skin with makeup and hand washing.

Now it’s time to practice! You can start with the five best masks. They may not be the fastest way to prepare, but the incredible results are worth the effort. So, this is their recipe.

The top 5 most effective anti-aging masks

Asian mask

Given its origin, it is no surprise that the main ingredient is. . . rice! Part of the reason is because he makes oriental women look so good, because rice contains:

Facial Rejuvenation Mask
  • Skin soft starch;
  • Choline can relieve irritation;
  • Make silicon elastic;
  • Dry potassium;
  • Vitamin PP and H can refresh the complexion and promote cell regeneration.

When making this mask, you have to follow the recipe exactly-only in this way can it effectively rejuvenate the face and make the skin soft and smooth.

Therefore, 200 grams of rice need to be washed 7 times. Then pour it into the pot and pour two cups of pure water. Cover with rice and leave for 10 hours. For example, you can soak in the morning and prepare a mask at night.


, a film should appear on the surface-no need to be afraid, then everything is correct. Next, put a pot on the stove and cook the rice until all the water is gone.

Attention!Don't mix the contents of the container!

For the mask, you only need the top layer of rice, which is rich in the most valuable substances. It must be carefully removed, cooled and mixed with the egg yolk. After five minutes, you can apply an anti-aging mask on your face. Then you need to rest for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

First of all, this mask is beneficial for women over 45 years of age whose skin has begun to fade. The remaining rice is edible.

Aloe Vera Juice Mask

Everyone has heard of how useful aloe vera is for facial rejuvenation. It is part of many well-known brands of cosmetics because it contains more than one hundred nutrients-vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Aloe vera is particularly suitable for dry skin, although in general it is suitable for all types. It evens out skin tone, visibly refreshes and smooths fine lines.

To prepare this mask, you need to cut a few leaves from the plant and place it in the refrigerator for two weeks. Then carefully squeeze the juice from the juice and mix it with olive oil in a ratio of 1: 1. Then add a little nutrient cream to it, and heat the whole mixture slightly until it is completely uniform. Apply a slightly warm mask to your face, keep it for a quarter of an hour, and then wash it off with cold water.

Wheat germination mask

This is a very effective mask that contains a high concentration of vitamins. Wheatgrass can renew cells and make skin fresh and healthy. For women over the age of 40, it is especially suitable for making such masks. The appearance of these women has begun to undergo slight age-related changes.

The method of mixing wheatgrass depends on your skin type. If it is dry, you can use high-fat sour cream; if it is sensitive-milk; if it is normal-yogurt, if it is fat, you need to take kefir. The sprouts should be washed with warm water, dried and mashed in a mixer. It is then mixed with selected dairy products to obtain a thick paste. Apply it to your face, rest for a quarter of an hour, and then wash.

Quick action quick mask

Egg-Facial Rejuvenation Honey Mask

This is one of the "best immediate results" treatments. For example, if you urgently need to clean up your face before your unexpected but dear guest arrives. Or go to a dinner or anniversary by yourself, the skin looks tired on purpose. This mask won't last long, but for an emergency that night, this is the doctor's order!

For this, you need an egg, honey and milk, or, if the skin is very dry, sour cream. Divide eggs into white yolk and yolk, the latter is not required. Beat the protein with a fork, a teaspoon of honey and an equal amount of milk (sour cream). Apply to your face and lie down for a quarter of an hour.

This mask can perfectly smooth the skin, smooth fine lines and refresh. But it's not worth it to abuse it, do it often-the protein is dry.

Vitamin Yeast Mask

Perhaps many people have heard that, due to the content of B vitamins, yeast can completely rejuvenate young skin and promote the regeneration of skin cells. This effect is very useful for significantly improving the facial appearance of the family.

Therefore, according to your skin type, mix one tablespoon of yeast with one spoon of milk or yogurt. Pour in a teaspoon of honey and linseed oil and mix well. Then heat water in a pan or bowl to make it very hot, lower the container with the mixture and turn off the heat. After the yeast is fermented, the mask is ready to use. It must be cooled to a suitable temperature and a thick film of oil must be applied to the face for 10 minutes. Then wash with warm water.

Other folk recipes

Of course, the most effective masks are not limited to five formulas. There are many of them, and here are some of the more popular anti-aging blends from simple, affordable ingredients.

Lemon mask

It can perfectly smooth small wrinkles, tighten pores, whiten skin and relieve fatigue. To prepare such a mask, you need:

  • Two egg yolks;
  • a teaspoon of lemon juice;
  • a teaspoon of aloe vera juice;
  • A teaspoon of honey;
  • A teaspoon of olive oil.

Whisk all the ingredients with a fork until smooth and apply a thin layer of skin on the face, avoiding the eye area. Lie down and wait for the mixture to dry. Then repeat it again-there should be a total of three layers of mask on the skin. In this ceremony, you should not speak or express emotions. The clumps should be evenly dry and wrinkle-free. Leave it on the skin for half an hour, then rinse it off with warm water and cool it down. Finally, rub your face with ice cubes.

Crimson mask

It nourishes perfectly, removes minor blemishes, and gives the face a healthy complexion and soft skin.

For such a mask, mash three tablespoons of raspberries into mashed potatoes, add a teaspoon of honey, olive oil and egg yolk. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, apply on the face and relax for 20 minutes. Then wash.

Curd mask

This mask is essential for tired skin. To prepare it, you need two tablespoons of cheese of any fat content, but you must mix it with one tablespoon of liquid honey without additives. Add raw egg yolks, a teaspoon of lemon juice and a few drops of olive oil, and stir. Apply on the face, rest for 20 minutes, then wash.

Sea Buckthorn Mask

Especially suitable for problematic and irritated oily skin. For her, it is necessary to mash two tablespoons of sea buckthorn into mashed potatoes, add the same amount of cucumber juice, one spoon of wheat flour and protein. Stir everything with a fork, spread it evenly on your face, and rest for a quarter of an hour. Wash with warm water.

Apple Mask

It refreshes, moisturizes and gives the skin a healthy glow. This is very simple-the apple needs to be grated and mixed with heavy sour cream to form a paste. Then spread the mixture on the skin and lie down for 10 minutes, then rinse.

These are anti-aging recipes. Hope you find the most suitable skin for you!