Laser rejuvenation eye

How to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes can usually show the actual age, because the skin in this area is the thinnest, most sensitive, and is often negatively affected by external influences.

Because the thickness of the subcutaneous fat around the eyes is negligible, and the area has a small amount of sweat and sebaceous glands, under the influence of natural negative factors, after 25-30 years of care, the skin without proper care quickly loses moisture andelasticity. Frequent contraction of facial muscles can cause crow's feet and then deeper wrinkles around the eyes.

Cosmetics should be used to prevent premature aging and skin aging, but they will no longer be able to smooth deep wrinkles. A better method is needed here.

Ways to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes

In the past, in order to remove wrinkles and look young and attractive, you had to perform surgery under the scalpel of a plastic surgeon, which would fall off for a long time during surgery and rehabilitation.

Modern cosmetology provides a more gentle procedure to improve the condition of the skin around the eyes and increase its hydration and elasticity. These procedures include "beauty injections". When injected under the skin, the injected cocktail will contain a complete complex of trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and other ingredients. These complexes have a beneficial effect on the metabolism of the skin and can enhance breathAnd stimulate cell metabolism.

When using lasers to deliver hyaluronic acid under the skin, those who are afraid of injections can use the laser bioregeneration procedure. This allows you to bind and retain a large number of water molecules in the epidermis, thereby eliminating dry skin, increasing its elasticity and firmness and smoothing wrinkles.

The disadvantage of these procedures is that over time, when the injected drug is absorbed in the body, they must be repeated again and again.

Laser skin rejuvenation around the eyes

The laser procedure is the most effective and safest, and can maintain the results achieved for a long time. It not only avoids surgical intervention, does not require hospitalization and isolation from the usual lifestyle, but also initiates the natural cell renewal process.

Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes before and after taking pictures

The process of synthesis of collagen and elastin and the process of cell regeneration after the final stage of the last rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes, it lasted for 2-3 months. The final result will then be obtained, and with proper care, the result will last for several years.

Laser partial repair of the skin around the eyes allows you not only to cope with crow's feet, but also to cope with deeper wrinkles. Part of the laser rejuvenation around the eyes stimulates the process of cell regeneration by using laser beams that are broken down into thousands of microbeams. Therefore, micro-damages to the epidermis are surrounded by a complete area, which allows the skin to regenerate more quickly.

The picosecond-level Picosure laser showed the most impressive results of rejuvenating the skin around the eyes, which was highly appreciated by celebrities in the beauty industry and the enthusiastic response of stars trying to act on their own. The main advantages of this laser are high efficiency, fast speed, painless and no recovery period (redness disappears after 2 hours).

Although the use of the Picosure laser (a type of surgery) to remove wrinkles under the eyes is more expensive than other lasers, the listed advantages and fewer operations required for the entire procedure minimize these differences.