Laser facial repair

In the field of modern beauty, in order to completely eliminate many skin problems, laser beams are used. Laser facial rejuvenation is a process that can greatly increase the overall elasticity of the skin, make it smooth and completely eliminate deep and many small wrinkles. In addition, this is an ideal opportunity to effectively tighten the oval shape of the face. After performing such a procedure, you can look younger.

Laser skin rejuvenation-what is this?

The essence of laser skin rejuvenation procedures

In essence, laser skin rejuvenation is a special non-surgical method that can completely restore skin youth. Positive results can be obtained in the shortest time.

Use laser beams of different directions and powers to perform this process. A complete course usually includes 5 sessions, during which you need to rest for about one month.

The effectiveness of this technique is very high. Usually, a positive result will be seen after the first time.

This process has a special cumulative effect. After the first time, the natural processes related to the production of elastin and collagen (known to provide skin elasticity and smoothness) are activated to the greatest extent in all layers of the skin.

In each subsequent course of treatment, the skin will become younger, and the maximum effect will be reached about six months after the end of the treatment.

This method has advantages because it acts as softly as possible on the skin, so it can be rejuvenated in the most natural way. In the process of selecting frequencies, special rules should be adopted. The larger the gap between the programs, the longer the effect will last. If needed, you can choose a faster course, which means performing 5 steps every 5 days. The effectiveness of the course is about the same, but the results will not last so long, about two years.

Speaking of the many positive effects of laser revival, we can notice the following important advantages:

  • Severely reduce deep wrinkles and completely eliminate fine lines;
  • can completely remove old scars;
  • The pores are narrowed, and uneven skin is significantly reduced;
  • The overall skin tone is even, and the pigmentation disappears;
  • The top layer of the skin has been completely updated, removing the old and rough skin;
  • can eliminate dark circles and bags around the eyes;
  • The structure of the skin is strengthened, its intensity reaches saturation, and its vitality is restored;
  • Significantly improve blood circulation and normalize metabolic operations;
  • Effectively prevent inflammation and acne.

This is not yet a complete list of the many positive qualities provided by the Laser Revival Program. This method allows you to quickly eliminate many blemishes on the skin in a short time without any risk.

The most important thing is to choose a suitable experienced beautician, who must conduct courses in a strictly professional beauty center.

Laser skin rejuvenation function

How to rejuvenate laser facial skin

Before performing this procedure, clean the skin first. For this, an exfoliating scrub and special formula are used. This is important because the laser can only be used on clean skin.

is directly dependent on the desired result, the entire face and its individual areas can be processed. The best option is to repair the skin of the neck and décolleté.

In this process, the laser beam penetrates to a considerable depth of the skin, thereby significantly heating the skin and many inner layers. All these will lead to the active contraction of a large number of collagen fibers, which in turn triggers the automatic emergence of new fibers, thereby rejuvenating the skin. In this process, the maximum time for applying the pulse to the skin is 0. 5 milliseconds. This is absolutely safe for women's overall health.

Due to this effect on the skin surface, it forms a focal point that completely restores the facial part, thus starting the active process of natural elastin production.

The main advantage of laser rejuvenation is that the outer layer of the epidermis remains completely intact. The repair process is completely invisible visually, that is, there is no boundary between the updated skin areas. No swelling or bumps

At the end of each process, apply a special softening solution to the face. There are no contraindications to taking this course. In the next few hours, I did not apply decorative cosmetics on my face, and it is not recommended to stay in the sun for a long time and avoid going to the solarium. Professionals recommend that you protect your face from strong winds and keep it in close contact with chlorine and salt water.

Pros and cons of laser skin rejuvenation

The pros and cons of laser facial rejuvenation

Since laser rejuvenation and exposure to such rays are considered the most effective skin toning method, its popularity is increasing every day.

Many modern women prefer it for the following reasons:

  1. Provides long-lasting results for up to 7 years.
  2. is completely safe because it is not a surgical procedure and there is no risk of infection and potential inflammation.
  3. There is no recovery period because there are no cuts or scars.
  4. There are no side effects and contraindications
  5. can be easily combined with other modification programs.
  6. This session takes the least time.

Despite many different advantages, there are still some important aspects that prohibit the use of laser rejuvenation. It is not recommended to use this event for children and pregnant women, patients with skin diseases and hypersensitivity patients.

In addition, cost may become a certain obstacle to the process. Many people may not be able to afford it. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the price of laser revival is completely consistent with all the effects it can provide. In any case, the total cost will be lower than ordinary plastic surgery.

After care

After the skin is completely regenerated with the laser beam, it needs to be supported. This will help to postpone repeated courses for as long as possible. First, you need to take care of your face properly and pay close attention to the area around your eyes. Apply one cream on the entire face, and then apply another cream on the eyelids.Skin care after laser rejuvenation

In the morning and evening cleaning process, only pure water-boiling water or filtered water should be used. During the day, you can use special ozone water to cleanse your face, which is very helpful to the skin and can safely repair the results.

In the evening and morning, you must breathe as much fresh air as possible and take a walk. Continuous ventilation is also important for the area.

If you always follow the advice of experts, you can consolidate the positive effects of laser facial rejuvenation for the longest time. Observing them is not an easy task, because they do not take a lot of time and will not force you to change your usual lifestyle.