Skin rejuvenation of the face with his hands

The rejuvenation of the face

We dream to remain young and beautiful for as long as possible. This natural process of aging do not like. Particularly sensitive to its view in a mirror to search for salvation in beauty salons or even given into the hands of plastic surgeons. The purpose of this publication share this skin rejuvenation of the face with the hands, to the house. We are able first of all to themselves?

Know the enemy in the face

Why we age and change from the outside? Why do some seem much younger than the other, without resorting to the help of plastic surgeons? To develop its strategy of rejuvenation, it is important for us to know.

Imagine that we are starting to get old already at 18 years old! Our skin cannot remain forever young and not grow old. This process is inevitable. And we have to accept it.

In the first place are formed, excess skin in the area of the eyes, a small, almost imperceptible wrinkles around the eyes; down the outer corners of the eyebrows, the folds in the naso-labial. This happens up to 30 years.

When you have already 40 years old, the primary signs of skin ageing of the face appear more strong and added new ones: heavier the eyelids, the skin on the chin becomes flabby, sagging cheeks, between the eyebrows there is a big wrinkle.

To 50 years, with the cheeks due to settlements almost merge with the chin. And oh, the horror, the horror, the face loses with a clear outline! Sometimes he stretches the tip of the nose.

In 60 years, marked, obvious changes, the skin becomes thinner and the earth, resulting in the formation of deep wrinkles.

There are different types of facial aging for women:
  1. Tired face is evident diminution of elasticity of the skin. In the morning after a good night's sleep seems to be rested and fresh, but in the evening becomes a clearly senile expression. What is the aging typical to oily skin or combination. It may be due to frequent stress, structure, tired, lack of sleep.

  2. Wrinkled face that pertain to sensitive, thin skin. Small wrinkles cover the entire metal surface. Causes: often, and long stay in the sun, dry skin.

  3. Gravitatis type are obese women with a-weighted traits of the face. Due to an excess of subcutaneous fat wrinkles almost not there, but with time they form thick loose folds. Causes: excess weight, concomitant diseases, oily skin.

  4. Combined view refers to the early aging of the face. In this case, manifest various signs of different types. Here and wrinkles, and reduction of skin elasticity, and sagging on the cheeks. They cause a large number of free radicals in the body and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays.

  5. Less visible signs of aging on the face with the skin, with a small layer of subcutaneous fat is muscle aging. Before wrinkles form around the eyes (crow's feet), then begin to go down the folds of fat above the eyelids and expressed naso-labial. One reason – age.

In spite of the different morphotypes aging, their causes all the municipalities. There is early and the natural aging of the cover. The second takes place gradually, according to the program of conversion to biological cells.

The main causes of premature aging:
  • the violation of the circulation;
  • crash hormone;
  • the slow recovery of the cells;
  • dehydration;
  • exposure to ultraviolet rays;
  • the stress;
  • the lack of vitamins and trace elements;
  • the legacy;
  • the abuse of alcohol;
  • structure;
  • unfavorable environment;
  • the lack of care for the face.

How to save?

Sooner or later we ask the question: "How to stop aging? How to stop aging of the face? How to rejuvenate your face?" Here it is very important individual approach. Need, at least, consultation of the competent medical and aesthetic, that carefully examines the face and not only advise you to cream and massage, but will tell you what kind of power to choose, will help you determine exactly what is missing to your face, how to fill the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.

Also if the skin in your youth, in perfect condition, it is necessary to time to attend beautician in advance. As a preventive measure, women necessarily have to visit a gynecologist, is the mammogram 1 time a year, even if it does not hurt. Imperceptible at first sight the symptoms of aging of the face specialist will be able to identify at an early stage. He will tell you that you need to take in order to maintain the freshness of the skin for a long time. Select cosmetics and explains how to use them correctly.

The wrinkles of expression and age-related changes

But you can, if not prevent, slow down the aging cover of the face. For example, the gym, apply a mask and keep the procedure of skin rejuvenation.

The board of beautician you can afford. Better yet, afford to food Supplements, the regular use it really helps in the fight against aging.

The Turkish bath or the sauna, masks, and lotions from the pharmacy, funds, gymnastics, self-massage — the most accessible and popular methods and tools to preserve the beauty and youth.

Rejuvenation starts with the cleansing. This is the law!

The cleaning should be not only superficial, but affects the deeper layers of the skin. The cleaning station is the maximum cleaning of the pores and their intense contraction, in fact, occurs the accumulation of dust and sebum.

For treatments done at home are the most effective, it is important to follow some simple tips:

  • Must be complied with the hygiene, it is possible to use only sterile instruments.
  • Apply the cleaner must clean and steam the skin — for example, after a warm bath or special bath steam bath. Thanks to this will be made the most profound impact.
  • With the use of home remedies, it is advisable to take only natural ingredients. But also a perfect and ready-made cosmetics.
  • During the week, the best option is to run two treatments of purification.
The home-based lotions herbal
Good to rejuvenate the skin at home lotions.

Here are some simple home recipes lotions.

Peppermint lotion: 4-5 tbsp chopped fresh mint or 2 tablespoons dry pour boiling water (½ l) and 10 minutes to cook to slow fire. Cool, filter, add 1 teaspoon. lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons of the mother tincture of calendula and 4 teaspoon boric alcohol, mix well, pour into a dark glass bottle and kept in the refrigerator. Wipe this lotion face needs in the morning and evening – the color of the skin improves, it becomes healthier and more youthful.

Lotion parsley preparation a little bit different. Dry (or fresh chopped) leaves and roots of plants (1 tablespoon) pour a glass of boiling water and half an hour in the heated water bath; insist hour, filter and add dry white wine (50-70 g). Clean the face morning and evening.

Mask for skin rejuvenation
  1. Mask based on herbs. Take equal parts of leaves of a lime tree, strawberry, currants, yarrow, plantain; raw materials are carefully ground, mixed, and poured 4 tablespoons of the water mixture, so as to obtain a mixture. When the mixture has cooled down, for 15 minutes applied to the face and neck; wash off with cold water.

  2. Mask with aloe juice. This is a great rejuvenating mask. In a porcelain or glass cup mix aloe juice (years 1 tbsp) olive oil (1 teaspoon), and apply the mixture on the pre-steamed face. After 15 minutes the mask is removed with a damp cloth, and the upper part is applied to a so – mounted with ½ teaspoon salt raw egg white, hold for 10 minutes and wash decoction of st. john's wort or sage. After the mask is applied the nourishing cream.

  3. Very useful and nutritious it turns out the mask with banana, yogurt (2 tablespoons) and honey (1 tablespoon). Yoghurt and honey mixed with mashed pulp of ½ a banana, put the pulp on the face, keep for 15-20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

  4. Mask with milk: warm the milk, add the number of flour to obtain a mixture he remembered the cream, then add the egg yolk, mix and apply the mixture on clean face. Hold 20 minutes and wash it off with water with a small amount of lemon juice.

  5. Mask the protein, honey (1 teaspoon) and flour (2 teaspoons). Proteins, beat to foam, add the flour and honey, stir thoroughly, and 20 minutes of apply on clean face. Rinse with warm water.

  6. Mask of potatoes. Simple potatoes well helps rejuvenate the facial skin, particularly dry – smoothes small and also not very thin. Just boil the potatoes with peel in a couple, peel them, mash them, and in the form of heat apply on face. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water. To mashed potatoes, you can add a little milk or cream.

Share this rejuvenation masks for all skin types here will fail, but it is possible to list some of the effective ingredients for the masks.

  • For the dull skin good mask with grated carrots, lemon juice, and yogurt – they have the freshness and color healthy.
  • Mask with fruit and cucumber to cool and soothe tired skin; mask with bananas help to prevent the onset of wrinkles early.
  • For oily skin are good form of tomato, it shrinks the pores and tightens the skin mask with the egg white and the lemon juice; pimples, and eruptions of the skin helps to remove the mask with mint leaves.
  • Soften the skin and remove dead cells and help the mask with oatmeal.
Rejuvenate in your home, you can not only from outside but also from within

There are a lot of folk remedies, body cleansing, improve metabolism and stimulate cell renewal.

The real magic mix obtained from the conventional products: honey – 1 kg lemon – 4 pieces garlic – 3 heads, and flax seed oil – 200 ml. Peeled garlic and lemons (2 peeled and 2 with the rind), crushed in a food processor or blender, add the honey and oil, mix everything with a wooden spoon and decorated in a glass jar. Keep the remedy goes in the fridge, and take 3 times daily, 1 tablespoon. l. half an hour before meals. After some time, the skin of the face and the whole body smooth and silky, improves the condition of nails and hair.

Simple and inexpensive home remedies for the rejuvenation of the skin very much – we just need to learn more about them and choose the ones that are like. The regular use of masks, scrubs, creams, baths and other procedures that will help to return the skin softness, freshness, elasticity and youthfulness, and then the mood will be beautiful again life – exciting and joyful.

To be young and beautiful! The love of ourselves.