The most modern and effective natural methods to make the younger face

Hello! Today we touch a very important issue – as with the time of stay, everything is so beautiful and have a younger, toned face? With age women tend to look better, and modern cosmetology, and also the traditional methods and tools provide powerful functions, such as making the face more youthful. We try to understand if how to deal with this problem with the best solution.

Seem to be younger and younger – what is the difference

Youth is a state of the soul, as it is often said the people. But in the body with age are inevitable changes that will make more pleasant changes in their appearance. And just the way we look often betrays our age. To hide it, you can use a variety of techniques. Some of them are really effective, while others are full of nonsense.

In an attempt to look more youthful ladies try to keep your style and style with the time, the youth, that seems ridiculous, but that's just terrible. In order to look younger, women turn to makeup bright, catchy clothes, extravagant behavior. Injection into the skin of the faceAll of this contributes appearance of the so-called "molodyascheysya" of an adult woman. And never-to-face.

Another approach to how to make the face more young, modern and popular ways to slow the aging process. To modern are all the wonders and achievements of plastic and aesthetic surgery: facelift, botulinum toxin, which beat acute hormonal and other means. Such techniques can be useful, but in a very small amount.

And the vast majority of women pass this line. Thus, the skin smooth, without wrinkles using botulinum toxin , 50 years seems stretched limitee face. From one side, the goal is achieved and the aspect takes the characteristics of "youth", but with another, the face of a woman becomes inorganically and unnatural, which is actually older than herself, in the eyes of others is much stronger than a complete lack of these procedures.

How to remain always young to really

Slow down the ageing process of the body is possible only from the inside. For this it is necessary to pay attention to the style of life and health: these 2 parameters are essential to maintain the youth and beauty of women.

A large role in the deterioration of skin with age assign reduce hormone function, and also gynecological diseases. The estrogen is the guardian of the beauty and health of the woman, protecting the skin and the body from pathological changes. Support normal levels of the hormone extremely important for women. This is why after menopause women with a particular focus must follow the nutrition and skin care.

Another important aspect is the sleepy and quiet as such. The lack of sleep, pressure and stress, highly frayed, the body, increase the rate of aging.

It has been shown that women with a program of replacement of work have a higher risk of various diseases and aging externally, sometimes faster than their peers with normal mode of work and rest. The normalization of the work of planning is another step towards the beauty and youthfulness. The state of health of the organism directly affects this number.

Serious somatic diseases and their treatment adversely on the form, then you must make timely diagnosis and treatment of the deviations to keep themselves at their best. The beauty and the youth – is, first of all, health!

The only obstacle against which we can do little about is the genetics. All the people initially several possibilities, so, some manage to not age for a very long time, and look below of his years. And the rest you need to look carefully, to be young and in shape, in spite of the numbers on the passport.

Methods of facial rejuvenation

Aging is associated with inevitable loss of tone of the skin and muscles, the formation of wrinkles, dryness and sagging skin. Change is possible coup of the face. All the ways to "pull" the skin is divided into surgical and non-surgical.

Non-surgical methods

These options are based on the hydration of the skin and the creation of lasting collagen frame, that slows down age loss of elasticity. Ultrasonic liftingThese include techniques:

  1. Criolifting: effects on the skin of very low temperatures, improves the tone and increases the production of collagen. For the development of an effect need not less than 5-6 procedures.
  2. Selective photothermolysis: under the action of the laser is the destruction "improper" of collagen and the stimulation of the synthesis of new, in the skin are activated, the synthesis processes. Already 3 steps will show a significant result.
  3. Ultrasound lifting: the impact of ultrasound affects all the layers of the skin, as well as the muscles. Effect stable spread over 3-5 years from the time of use.

Methods of injection: the introduction of a variety of materials in the layers of the skin will help to prolong the youth, without the most radical surgical methods, although the method is near to him, indeed. Introduce such substances as:

  • 3D filament of absorbable material for the formation of a new contour of the face, hyaluronate (and slowing down the aging of the skin, increased collagen synthesis);
  • biorevitalization low-molecular-weight sodium hyaluronate (hydration and rejuvenation of the skin);
  • bioreinforcement (sodium hyaluronate with a thick gel creates a "valve" for the facial skin, which forms its natural, youthful appearance);
  • the prp (blood plasma with platelets is injected into the skin, accelerates regeneration, reduces wrinkles);
  • mesotherapy in the layers of the skin injected a variety of cocktails of biologically active substances according to the objectives of the procedure, it is possible to do at a young age for the prevention of the changes;
  • fillers: these substances create three-dimensional modeling, creating an outline of these or other areas of the fillers are biologically inert and are introduced to a greater depth of the skin, and the result may be similar to plastic surgery.


Surgical techniques of rejuvenation are also very different:

  1. Circular lifting or iridectomy: engraving in progress in the area of the temple and along the ear, it is possible to make a cut under the lower jaw.
  2. Spacelifter: technical section near the iridectomy, but in parallel are used muscle elements due to the effect of elongation.
  3. Endoscopic lifting: the displacement of the tissues through small incisions along the lines of hair growth, moved to the skin with the muscles.

These techniques are not without defects and possible complications. The downsides are moments like these:

  • an allergic reaction to the placed components;
  • the infection infections through the bites and cuts;
  • scarring and inflammation after the cuts;
  • traction and thinning of the tissue;
  • the need for a long period of time to retrieve after the surgical intervention;
  • the deformation of the facial muscles when careless technique, the risk of damage to the nerves;
  • the surgical techniques require general anesthesia, which could end up deadly;
  • inattention contraindications to the operations;

As we have seen, artificial ways to rejuvenate are a lot of dangers and can become really a tragedy for women. A large number of cosmetic clinics do not have confidence in the success of these procedures, and the treatment of complications often is not possible due to lack of skills and tools (for example, resuscitation in case of complications of anesthesia).

Natural methods to rejuvenate

To make the facial skin younger, you can use simple and safe techniques of rejuvenation of skin of the face. This is well suited external impact: masks, massage, gymnastics for the face, proper nutrition and sports. Let us see in the last paragraphs.


Proper nutrition to the youth of the face

To look young and beautiful, you need to lead a healthy life style: sleep at least 8 hours a night, and not have bad habits. The physical activity must become the first assistant: it's useful to spend in the open air for 20-30 minutes per day, but the number of total aerobic load a week should be no less than 150 minutes in an intense way. This will increase the oxygen saturation in the blood and improve the nutrition of the skin.

A proper diet is the second milestone in the matter of the youthfulness of the face. The diet should be balanced of protein, fat and carbohydrate (60% carbohydrate, 15% fat, 25% protein), and also complete. For the beauty of the face should eat vegetable fats with a high content of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids: extra virgin olive oil, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds.

Of great popularity and success of the mediterranean diet: rich in sea products, fibres, cereals, fruits and vegetables. This power reduces the damage of the body from the free radicals and protects cells from aging. The power supply is of fundamental importance for preserving the youth in general, and of the face including!

Of no less importance is the drinking mode: for a beautiful and tight skin in need of moisturizing, not only from outside but also from within. For this day should drink at least a liter and a half of liquid, most of which should be water.

Characteristics of nursing

The external effect on the skin is of great importance to maintain its beauty. Cosmetics must be appropriate to the age and needs. You must determine your skin type and choose suitable means.

To reduce the damage of skin should use fluorescent cream with the addition of a protection filter: photoaging is one of the most discussed themes. Not worth the effort to increase the number of inflicted funds: making the best use of not more than two layers on the skin: power cream and primer. The powder should be applied to problem areas, but to reduce the fat content of the skin should reduce the number.

Moisten the skin out during the day will help you bought for the face: apply on skin 2-3 times during the day a small amount of liquid with a cotton swab. This increases the hydration of the skin and reduces the need for protective equipment.

For additional methods of

Prolong the youth and beauty contribute to body, booking treatments, masks, massages, gymnastics.


Nutrient and moisturizing mask should be the first step in the field of skin procedures. You don't have to go to a salon – many of the mask can be done at home.

One of the latest innovations are in the form of alginate. They contain components of algae, and helps to tighten and refresh the skin of the face: dry mix should be diluted with water, apply on the face moisturizing cream and cover your face with a thick layer of pasty solution, let it dry for 40 minutes and rinse, after that apply a moisturizer.

It has not lost its relevance clay mask: they are very well eliminate toxins and encourage the reduction of wrinkles. At home you can use the products at hand: for the skin is useful mask of whipped cream, strawberries, and cucumbers. The product is crushed until smooth and overlaid on clean skin for 15-20 minutes.

The effect of the development of organic components and need regular use. Vegetable mask helps extend the freshness of the skin and have a minimal allergic action on the body.

Massage lines


Facial massage improves the tone and restores the circulation in the deeper layers of the dermis. Massages are set up according to the rules: before the procedure to clean the face and lubricate nourishes the cream or the massage oil, it is necessary to proceed to the massage in the evening for a couple of hours before sleeping but day is better to refrain from massage and the subsequent application of cosmetics.

Classic massage as follows: in a relaxed position begin to caress the skin towards lines of massage, gradually increasing the pressure. We must act gently, in particular in the area around the eyes. Massage lines have the direction:

  • from chin towards the ears;
  • from the corners of the mouth to the headset sinks;
  • from the nose to the temples;
  • from the cheeks and cheekbones in the round to the temples;
  • from the bridge of the nose towards the center of the front and to the side, that form the letter T;
  • from the outer corner of the eye to the inside on the lower side;
  • from the inner edge of the eye towards the outside on the upper eyelid;
  • from the bridge of the nose to the front of the scalp.

Each movement should be repeated 6-10 times, and the duration of a session of 10 minutes. You can do the massage every day courses of 10-15 procedures per month. If women are menstruation, the procedure performed step-by-step after their degree, as well as during menstruation falling of the tone of the skin and can develop swelling.


Gymnastics strengthens your metabolic processes and prolongs the youthfulness of the face and body. Exercises better to do in the evening, and after apply a hydrating mask. The multiplicity of activity: 2-3 times a week.

Attention! Gymnastics strengthens the muscles, gives the opportunity to fight with a flabby face, but by the wrinkles, better to use massage. Therefore, it is important to understand if the individual of face, figure, and understand where what are the muscles are hypertone, and their need to relax with a massage, and that the hypotonicity – here it would be appropriate to gymnastics.

Gymnastics and massage more effective and efficient natural methods that I know, but you have to be careful, as it can hurt and worsen the problem if used correctly. You have to know at least a little bit of muscles in the face, to understand if the reason for which, in particular, on the face have formed wrinkles and why sagged skin. For best results, it is very important to understand if it is better to find a good specialist in this field and try to pass a course of massage and the resulting, if you have this there is or is not possible, you search on the internet and the fairies of the house, it is less effective, for example, there are now several courses, paid and free, video lessons of these experts like Carol Media, Emma Hardy, Santa Maria Runge, Camilla cours want to, etc.

I say so, I have tried everything and even more than that, they are very similar, and some copy one another. I advice of an expert, that actually looks good on the 47-year-old, and the technique she includes, and gymnastics, and massage, and lymphatic drainage for the face, that distinguishes him from the rest. Before you put the face in line with the expectations, it will take up to 2 months, then just scan effect exercises 2 times a week. The costs are small, but the result on the face, so to speak.


Gymnastics and massage can not be done with:

  • open wounds on the face;
  • pustular eruptions of the skin, inflammation, fungal infection;
  • after the peeling, laser resurfacing, injection within 1-2 weeks;
  • after the plastic surgery;
  • when skin diseases (psoriasis, acne, dermatitis).

The massage and exercises you can do to people of any gender, what are ways you can make the face younger and a man and a woman. The procedures do not have any age limits.


For a fresh, young look, it is necessary to correctly use the makeup. There are common misconceptions on how to apply makeup to look younger. Not worth the effort to do the following:

  • use several layers of cosmetics to create the tone (in a moisturizing cream base, foundation, concealer, powder): a large number of beauty products causes premature aging of the skin;
  • the abundance of showy and extravagant, the colors, the accent and on the lips and on the eyes;
  • sparkling lip gloss gloss and eye-liner – welcome to the young women, with the age seems to be harmonious;
  • the lack of cleaning of the skin before applying makeup, and also the moisturizing cream;
  • broad arrow and the large eyebrows: although fashion has added the age of a woman;
  • mascara in unusual colors, especially in combination with bright colours.

On the evening of images permitted the use of bright colors to create a more expressive image. It should be remembered that way, it is possible to highlight either the eyes or the lips, not looking, for his age, and vulgar. With makeup you can give oneself a freshness, if:

  • moisturize and cleanse the skin before makeup;
  • apply shadow in pastel colours to create a natural image;
  • decrease the amount of makeup on the eyes: rolling of the eyelashes, permanent make-up;
  • to eliminate fatigue – apply a bit of white shadow in the corner of the eye;
  • apply foundation under the eyes very careful pat, the outside line can be applied to a lighter tone;
  • under the eyebrows overlay the shade over a lighter tone to open the view;
  • to fix the image to impose the veil on the points: the nose, the cheekbones, the chin, the lower part of the brow, this will reduce the load on the skin;
  • during the day, use a disposable paper or matt micellar water to restore the color.

To make the younger face it is necessary to address in a comprehensive way: monitor the health, active lifestyle, eating properly, and also take care of the facial skin. Treatments and plastic surgery give a good effect, but can cause damage due to the presence of a large number of complications to this day.

Aggressive application of these techniques with a good result can help age of contradiction and negative impression, in an attempt to "rejuvenate". An important role in maintaining the youth and beauty of face play vitamins and trace elements. Home treatments, massage and gymnastics help to prevent premature aging of the skin and maintain its health and vitality. Some of the tricks of make-up to enhance your face and hide the signs of aging.